Wreck It Ralph’s (Almost) Bday Q

DATE: 9/22/17

QIC: Wreck it Ralph, BTB

# of PAX: 24

PAX: https://vimeo.com/234989967


  • Wreck It Ralph led us in some random stretching for random counts and holds
  • Imperial Walker x 25 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 25 IC


  • count off to split up in 1’s and 2’s. 1’s go to the baseball field with Wreck It. 2’s come with me to the pull up bars
  • Wreck It Ralph:
    • I’m not sure what the heck they did over on the baseball field, other than it sounded like a flashback to summer football workouts
    • Karaoke with burpees
    • Oklahoma drill
    • up downs
    • sprints
    • agility drills
    • Basically everything Wreck It used to make me do after coming home from summer football workouts before I went to baseball practice as a kid! Now you all can feel my pain!
  • BTB:
    • The 2’s started with me and we moseyed to the pull up bars. Since Wreck it is almost 64 (Monday is his birthday), we did 4 exercises at 32 reps each!
    • Four exercises, 32 reps each, any order and combination of numbers that you want. Once complete, take a lap around the pond.
      • Heels to Heaven x 32
      • Imperial Squats x 32
      • Diamond Merkins x 32
      • Pull ups x 32
      • lap around the pond
    • Once finished, the 2’s moseyed back to the baseball field and switched with the 1’s
    • Upon arrival with the 1’s, we completed the same workout as above. Then with a little extra time and high levels of motivation we lined up for a Caterico Indian Run around the pond (5 merkins, sprint to the front)
    • Mosey to the beginning of the straight away
      • sprint to the speed limit sign (50-60 yards?)
      • 10 merkins
      • sprint back
      • 10 squats
    • Next, sprint to the shadowy Morpheous-ish looking figure out past the sign another 15 or so yards and wait for the six
    • Finally, sprint back to the flag where the 2’s and Wreck It are doing Mary. Do NOT let them see you come in last!
  • Wreck It Ralph filled the last minute with some extremely fast paced Cross Country Skiiers


  • I hope you all enjoyed this morning as much as I did! It was nice to meet a few of the HMP and Screaming Eagle regulars who I’ve heard so much about, but never met face to face! Strong work and all were dripping sweat!
  • Prayers for those facing medical procedures and those that have lost loved ones.
  • Baywatch moves to HMP tomorrow due to a triathlon. 0700! Convergence coffeeteria with Silver Fox immediately following at Panera Bread.
  • Sign up for BROLYMPICS! Lets put out a good showing and a high number of PAX!
  • More info to come on Bros, Bibles, and Brews! Start date, 10/4 at 7:30pm

Happy almost birthday to my dad, Wreck It Ralph! I don’t take for granted the fact that he is about to turn 64, has a broken toe, and still was adamant about signing up for a Friday Q! I’m thankful for the opportunity to join him!

That’s all for me this morning! It is a privilege and an honor!

BTB- over and out!



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