Dora’s Devil

THE PAX: 15 PAX were present, my apologies if I did not capture your name: Parrothead, Busted Grille, Last, Niles, Tiny Dancer, Mayhem, Bath Salts, Flips, Glass-Jug-Joe (?), Sea Horse, Gravity, Mindcraft, and 3 other PAX (apologies).

QIC: Milton

WARM-UP: 45 x SSH, 20 x IMP Walkers, 20 x Chery Pickers, 20-30 LBACs.

THE THANG: Today we did Field of Screams (FoS) and Dora’s Devil. FoS is:

1st Base 10 x reps of Q-called exercise, 2nd Base Rinse & Repeat, 3rd Base Rinse & Repeat, Home Base 10 x LBC’s. We did:

  1. Merkins
  2. Diamond Merkins
  3. Wide Arm Merkins
  4. Carolina Dry Docks

Recover on the Run to Dora 1.5,-2-3. Quick “Orientate”

Partners take turn doing Dora-Devil while the other run up the hill to do 10 x reps on the toys.

Dora’s Devil: 150 x Burpees, 200 x LBC, 300 x Air Squats.

Toys were distro:

  1. Shoulder Press 25lbs dumbbells x 10 reps
  2. Tricep Extension 39 lbs x 10 reps
  3. Curlz 35 lbs dumbbells and 20-25 lbs taped bricks
  4. Jerry Can Step Yo Ass Up
  5. Jerry Can Shuffle.
  6. Decline Merkins
  7. USA Cinderlock Hammer
  8. Brick Flies
  9. Granite Boulder Squat
  10. Merkin OverFlow

The PAX worked Dora’s Devil over until TIME was announced by YHC.

No Mary, plenty of steady work on Dora’s Devil

MOLESKINS: I think everyone enjoyed the burpees during Dora’s Devil. The main point of the burpees is to slow the workout down-form is the most important thing to consider with burpees and the weighted exercises. You get more out of properly executed burps and weights than completing the entire reps in an expedient manner. I hope the Pax got something out of this workout.!

COT: Thanks for coming out and joining me for breaking in Dora’s Devil. Prayers go out to those who are impacted by Hurricane Maria, Opal who is undergoing heart surgery, and those who are suffering. We humbly ask Him for wisdom and guidance as we go out into the world and to do good work in His Name. Amen.Dora+The+Explorer+Dora+Lesploratrice



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