Weinke Weights

Date: 09/18/2017

Time: 0530

AO: Hugh MacRae Park

What: Heavy Metal Monday

QIC: Gravity

PAX: Tiny Dancy, Minecraft, LETC, Crawdaddy, Busted Grill, Morpheus

Background Music: Jane’s Addiction, leading into Red Hot Chili Peppers

Theme: lower body Tabata

Pax were greeted with 7 stations for 5, 45 second sets with 10 seconds of rest in between.

Stations were:

  • Dead Lift (2, 35# KBs) with a Shoulder Roll (4 count – 1. Lift, 2. Roll back, 3. Roll forward, 4. Lower to the starting position)
  • Calf Raises: Holding weight (2 – 15# KBs) optional. Using a 2×4, steady calf raises for the duration – this burns in a not so fun way.
  • Lunge Curls. Lunge forward with 20# KBs in each hand, curl as you step up out of the lunge.
  • Weighted, One Legged Glute Bridge. Put a KB on your package, lift one leg and raise up – this too burns in a not so fun way.
  • Goblet Squat w/ optional overhead press with a 40# KB.
  • Lateral Lunges w/ 30# KB.
  • Single Leg Line Jumps – it is exactly what it sounds like. On one leg, jump side to side over a white parking stripe. Try that for 45 seconds on your lunch break – it’s fun.

We walked out a ten count to get just beyond the PAX’s cars where we split up into two teams of 3 for sprints. Morpheus did his own Mary and gave us a 10 count as if he were the 4th. From one parking block to the other and back again (there, back, there, back) equals 1 rep. Each pax was to complete 6 sprints. 11 of these would equal a half mile.

We finished with a light mosey back to the AO and it was 0616.

COT: Prayers for the McLatchey family. He had two daughters involved in the New Hanover HS soccer program. Prayers for the family and employees of Wayne Long (I learned of his passing after the workout and said an additional prayer then). Prayers for first responders, military and the F3 nation.

Skins: right now, stop reading this back blast and sign up for Brolympics, be sure to support the new workouts – we attracted 9 FNGs this past weekend … be sure we keep them engaged.

Busted Grill – I promise The Very Best of James Brown if you post next Monday for Milton’s Birthday Q.

All – it was a delight and a pleasure to lead. Thank you for the honor.

Regarding the above title, the KBs serve as weights for the Weinkes between sets. I’m sure Ugly Stick will have a Lexicon update for everybody later today.

Respectfully submitted; Gravity


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