Lots ‘o Work

# of PAX: 16, Including 1 FNG

PAX: Epo, Happy Gilmour (formerly of W-S), Tiny Tank, Berretta, Sir_mix_a_lot, Hooch, Donut, the Hoff, Rocket Queen (Kevin F./FNG), Tombstone, Blade, Charley Stop, Crosswalk, PumKing (spell?), Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


10 Seal Claps, IC

10 SSH, IC

10 Merkins, Single Count, IC

10 Mountain Climbers, IC

30 Partner Broad Jumps. | Partner 1 sits on ground, legs together and out.  Arms up to sides. Partner 2 starts behind right or left arm, broad jumps over partner’s arm, broad jumps over partner’s legs, broad jumps over partner’s other arm and continues jumping around partner for 10 rounds & 30 jumps.  Switch. Repeat.

Pigeon Stretch

Charles Atlas Stretch

41 Copperhead Squats.

The Thang: Part 1

Mosey to baseball field and soft grass.  

Embrace the Suck.

100 burpees in descending/ascending ladders.

Pax partner up.  Start at home plate.

Partner 1 does 4 burpees and then partner 2 does 4 burpees. Partner 1 does 3 burpees and then partner 2 does 3 burpees. Partner 1 does 2 burpees and then partner 2 does 2 burpees.  Partner 1 does 1 burpee and then partner 2 does 1 burpees.

When ladder is complete, both Pax run to right field foul pole, repeat. Then to center field and repeat, to left field foul pole and repeat, to home plate and repeat.  Pax continue around field until they complete 10 ladders.  Each Pax completes 100 burpees.

Quick recovery walk.  All Pax walk with hands on head to shallow left field and return to dugout.

Extra Credit Burpees

All Pax semi-circle up.

Pax complete a burpee for the Ranger in the Sky, service men/women, other Cape Fear AO’s, our families, Pax who fart-sacked, our leaders, Silverfox launch, for completing 100 burpees, etc. until we complete 10.

Mosey back to flag.

Quick Mary.

All Pax complete some planking fun.



Strong work by 16 PAXs.  Largest SE turnout since I’ve been attending since January.

Welcome Rocket Queen! Another Tidal Walk pax – we had five Tidal Walk Paxs this morning!

Oct 7 | BROlympics.  Read about it.  Going to be huge.

F2 Announcement | Especially for Screaming Eagle

Next Tuesday, 9/26 @ 6pm @ Saint’s Cove Beach Bar & Grill just south of Carolina Beach (1006 Lake Park Blvd) by Vinny’s Pizzeria. Family owned supporting Veterans and 1st responders. Owned by a Marine. Stop in for a beer. 

Thanks for The Hoff’s encouragement.

Thanks for coming south, Blade.

Good work by Happy Gilmour – for hanging in there and finding Cape Fear from W-S.

Prayers for our area’s homeless.  Help out if you can.

Prayers remain for all those impacted by the Hurricanes.  FEMA ordered 4,500 homes for Texas alone and many can’t return for weeks.


Strong Work!!!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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