30 for 30: 30 Burpees

Q: The Ratt
Date: 9-18-17, Monday
AO: Stingray Monster Factory
# of Pax: 13

PAX: 8 Penny, Flounder, BTB, EOM, Tannenbaum, Zuckerberg, Gobo, Snailmail, Sparky, Etch a sketch, Fonda, & Tooner

Due to some unfortunate circumstances I missed my Birthday Q, so mine as well use it now.

Warmup: 30 SSH, 30 Plank Jacks, 15 Wide Arms Merkins, 15 Diamond Merkins (all IC)

 The Thang:

Race circuit.3 Laps around the POND. Start at the picnic benches, 3 burpees to start, run to the rock pile, 30 flys with coupons, run to pull up bars, 10 pull-ups, then over to the wall for balls, 10 balls to the wall derkins, run around the pond back to the picnic benches and 30 step-ups. FYI, for every person BTB laps we do 10 burpees. We all did 30 stepups while we waited for the six, however everyone did the laps super quick.

DORA 1-2-3. 100 woolly worms, 200 sundial merkins (40 for each rotation), and 300 squats. While one partner was doing an exercise, then other ran down to the end of the parking lot and back.

Each of the PAX led some supermans, american hammers, planks, seal claps, oblique crunches, and more.

Sprint back to the flags and last man calls the exercise – Flounder. As to much of our surprise he called out Mountain Climbers and kept the 30 rep theme going. But with an audible he kept us in the plank and finished with some slow count Merkins.

I thought we were done – but nope, BTB let us know that he lapped 3 Pax! 30 Burpees OYO – Go!

Moleskin: Great work PAX, I personally was a little sluggish from getting my head beat into the sand yesterday in the surf, but my brothers helped push me along.

Prayers to the victims of all the hurricanes, 8Penny and Zuckerberg’s colleagues and friends battling terminal illnesses.

Love to my F3 brothers, day by day by day by day. Ratt out.


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