Wednesday Stingray – 9/13/17

Hey Men, getting to this tonight, because I got locked out of my computer yesterday, and finally got it taken care of.

14 Pax tried some new stuff, and conquered them all!




PAX: Gobo, Tuner, Knuckle Puck, Sparky, All About That Bass, Ugly Stik, Coffee Bean, Blue Steel, Spin Dr.,  Etch-A-Sketch, Tenenbaum, Ball Bearing, Snail Mail



Mario Jumper X20 each leg

Cotton Pickers X20

A Frame Merkins

Speed Skaters – Which Gobo has named “Apollo Ohnoos”

Side to Side Obliqu Plank Jumps



Indian Run to the Rock Pile

Straight Arm Jacks X25

Around The World Globe Jumps 5 rotations

Partner Up – back to back BIG rock pass

Progression –> Straight Arm Jacks with 2 Medium Size Rocks

–>Around The World Globe Jumps – 5 rotations with Medium size Rocks

–>Back to Back with Partner in a Squatted Position with BIG Rock Pass


DECK OF DEATH – (from F3 Nation website) – A routine done with a deck of playing cards where each suit is an exercise and each card dictates the number of reps you do of that exercise all the way up to an Ace being 14 reps. Exercise complete when all 52 cards have been flipped.

The pax got to select 4 exercises, 2 to increase heart rate and 2 strength.  They chose the following:

Hearts – Burpees

Diamonds – Diamond Merkins

Clubs – Monkey Humpers

Spades – Seal Claps

Each pax ran to the middle of the circle pulled the card, called it out and the number of reps, then lead by counting it out for all of the pax.

Together we got through 35 of the 52 cards in about 20 minutes.  I think we could have finished all 52 if we had another 6 minutes, but the Deadline got us. STRONG WORK MEN!!!

Moseyed back to the flag


COT:Praise that God calmed the storm to a Tropical Storm. Prayers for those impacted by the storm. Restore Power and normalcy to their lives. Brolympics – sign up!

Prayed and Got out of Dodge.

Strong work by all Men today.  We killed in the park and we killed it in life today #strongertogethereveryday

EOM is off to his EOM Ceremony!





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