Tough Ruckers Welcome Party Style

DATE: 9/13/17
# of PAX: 6
PAX: Ugly Stik, Cracker, Trump, Busted Grill, Double Check, Ripken (Cracker’s 2.0 pup), Holden (Trump’s 2.0)

– with a 40# and 60# sand bag in tow, make our way across Eastwood Rd to Summers Rest Trail
– one PAX walks the 60# sandbag out for 30 seconds, drops it, and then comes back. All other PAX hold plank while we wait for his return
– bear crawl to bag
– 20 overhead presses IC
– bag is carried out for 30 seconds, PAX hold squat
– lunge walk with ruck overhead to bag
– tricep extensions x 20 IC
– bag is carried out for 30 seconds, PAX hold low plank
– karaoke to bag
– flutter kicks x 30 IC with ruck held straight out
– ruck both bags for 1 minute, drop one bag, continue for 1 more minute drop the other bag
– between the two sandbags, do 10 merkins at 1, ruck to the other for 10 squats, rinse and repeat down to 5 at each bag
– gather bags, one PAX again out 30 seconds, PAX hold squat
– backwards lunge to bag
– 20 overhead press IC
– Next, we needed to scout how far we are from returning to the beginning of the trail, so we double-time out and back about 250 yards from where the sandbags are
– Once our location is confirmed, ruck 10 steps, do 3 squats back to the entry point of the trail
– find a spot in the grass for 10 Turkish get ups OYO
– Ruck back to the flag!

– Night Flight tonight at 6:15 at Forest Hills Elementary
– Silver Fox launches this weekend at 0700 at Alderman Elementary
– Lazarus (who will soon rise from the dead) and YHC will be starting a Bros, Bibles, and Brew Bible Study on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:00 at Lazarus’ house on 10/4.  This Bible study will is intended for men to explore the Bible in a non-threatening environment, hence the beer. If you have never been in a Bible study, this will be the perfect place to start. If you have been in lots of Bible Study’s, try to find a friend or fellow PAX who hasn’t and invite them to come with you. More details to follow.

It was an honor and pleasure to lead the Tough Ruckers this evening, I was excited about the workout all day! If you haven’t come to the ruck workout, we have plenty of extra rucks and weights around the PAX, so just come and we can bring you a ruck.

Until next time, BTB- over and out!



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