Night Flight Soars!

DATE: 9/14/17
# of PAX: 6
PAX: Fonda, The Ratt, Cracker, House Keeping, Double Check

– ssh x 15 IC

– mosey around the circuit to discuss exercises at each location
Time for the Circuit!
– mosey to park just off campus for 10 chin ups, 15 step ups, 20 dips
– mosey back to campus to bottom of hill for 10 burpees
– mosey up hill to stairs where the sandbags await, carry bag up the stairs, 10 squats, back down
– mosey to the swing set, 10 wooly worms
– mosey to the playground set for 10 pull ups, 10 knees to chest
– Rinse and Repeat x 3
– instructions at the beginning were not to let BTB catch and pass any PAX, which I didn’t!!! The PAX were flying!
– Also, we had an unspoken goal of 25 minutes to complete, which 3 PAX failed by 1 minute (punishment to come later)
– divide into 2 groups of 3 for cumulative reps and exercises
– cumulative complete:
– 300 decline merkins
– 300 Bobby Hurleys
– 300 step ups
– one partner carries a sandbag to stairs, up stairs, and back. Flapjack!
– all reps and partners must be returned within 12 minutes! Group 1 failed by 15 seconds (rounds up to 1 minute), Group 2 failed by 1:15 (rounds up to 2 minutes)
– Mosey back to the flag for our punishment of a total of 3 PAX: 1 minute = 3 burpees + 3 PAX: 1 minute = 3 burpees + 3 PAX: 2 minutes = 6 burpees for a total of 12 burpees each!

– glad to have the Ratt back from Portugal!
– sign up for BROLYMPICS!
– Bros, Bibles, and Beers starting 10/4. More info to come!
– Silver Fox launches on Saturday at 0700 at Alderman Elementary

Thats all I’ve got! Thanks for allowing me to punish us all, including myself for the last two evenings!
BTB- over and out!



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