QIC: 8penny

PAX: EPO, Crosswalk, TinyTank, Flamer, TrolleyStop, Hooch

We saw some family carpool action and had extra company in the gloom with FiA launching a new AO across the parking lot.  Awesome to have the extra energy under the lights (or lack thereof) at Veterans!


 Seal Claps x30 IC
Cherry Pickers x30 IC
Burpees x10 OYO


Shoot over to the near soccer field for a Jacked-Up 4-Corners using the far corners of the field.

  • Corner 1: Bobby Hurley x20
  • Corner 2: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20
  • Corner 3: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20 + Heals to Heaven x20
  • Corner 4: Bobby Hurley x20 + Mike Tyson x20 + Heals to Heaven x20 + Jump Lunges x20
  • Back to 1st Corner: Burpees x20

Mary on the 6 including High Plank and Flutter-Kicks then bring in the 6 with Burpees x5.

Mosey to chin-up bars for a little partner DORA 1-2-3 running between the bars and the 3rd street light:

  • Chin/Pull-ups x50
  • Dips on bars x100
  • Merkins x200

Ran a little tight on time so had to give the Merkins a slight hair-cut and move back to the flag with a quick mosey.


  • Flamer still battling a stomach issue didn’t hold anything back…
  • Crosswalk was strong and determined
  • TinyTank showed us how to roll through everything like a real tank, keep it up brother…
  • Hooch was steady and swinging hard, strong work
  • With a new baby due any minute, TrollyStop was still kicking ass and taking names
  • EPO still high off that mountain air was killing it
  • Brolympics 10/7, clear your calendars and sign-up ASAP
  • Carolina Beach ½ marathon 12/30/17…let’s make a presence
  • Prayers for hurricane victims and Flamer’s mom

It was an honor to lead such a MOTIVATED group this morning!

-8penny out



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