September Advisory Council Minutes

F3 Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes from September 6, 2017

Hard Start 1900- Hard Stop 2100 at Waterman’s Brewing Company

  1. Beer
  2. Busted Grill, Fonda, Cracker, Trump, Blade, LETC, Venus, Sparky

Venus– Brolympics

Comz most important right now. Get list of events out to the PAX


Don’t have a team? That’s ok, we will pair you up with one!

More videos including the events.

19 signed up so far?

Venus and Trump to referee

Comz Q/Connections Q – Trump officially passed the torch to Venus as the Comz Q!

Venus/LETC to reach out on Comz channel for FNG automation ideas

Social Media Q – Get Fonda on the Twitter! More pictures from Q’s after workouts

1st F Q– See other page for BTB’s update

Recognize potential in FNG’s early and plug-in for VQ. EH, EH, EH!!!

2nd F Q- BTB passed the torch to 8-Penny! Notes via text from 8-Penny

Increase turnout by creating more hype around F2 events

Regional F2 Site Q’s w/ preblast, quick back blast and pictures

F3/FiA combo events in a kid friendly environment.

Offer more times and venues to get more options on the table for PAX

Main thing is people stepping up to help lead the charge and improving F2!

3rd F Q

Second 3rd F added – Ruth’s and Religion following Friday Stingray AO

Foundation Q– Not present


Since August meeting:

Launched 2 New Workouts:

Tough Ruckers (Wednesday’s at 1800)

Night Flight (Thursday’s at 1815)

2 New Launches Planned:

Stingray (Friday mornings – 0530 – starting on 9/8)

Silver Fox (Saturday mornings – 0700 – starting 9/16 at Alderman Elementary)

See new list of Site Q’s – See Website

Updated Launch Plan for launching of all new workouts and AO’s

Discussions of adding new Thursday morning (0530) running workout

gauge interest of PAX for location determination

This forum is open to all PAX! Come and give some input, step up for a role, or just see what it’s all about next time! Who knows, you might just find yourself stepping in a new role??




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