Supporting BRR Teams

Date: 9/8/2017

QIC: Uglystick & FMB

# of PAX: 29

PAX: Gravity, Kramer, Tiny Dancer, Bath Salts, Dixie Chick, Seahorse, Huey, FNG Mouse Trap, FNG Candy Land, Cannoli, Flips, Bam Bam, Crosswalk, Blue Steel, Hahvad, Minecraft, Busted Grill, Kung Fu Panda, Caboose, Mayhem, Niles, Capt. Stubing, Red Line, Parrot Head, The Adjuster, Milton, Fire Marshal Bill and Uglystick


Merkins x20 IC, Cotton Pickers x20 IC and a third exercise that I cannot remember x20 IC, then jog to the parking lot beside the tennis courts.

After a brief discussion about how the BRR participants were about to push themselves past their limits the PAX agreed to push themselves past their limits in the gloom this morning.


the PAX lined up against the half wall between the parking lot and the playground area. FMB told that PAX that being near the nigher part of the wall was the smart thing to do, most of the PAX either did not hear or thought some kind of reverse psychology was going on and stayed near the shorter parts of the wall. Uglystick provided music loud enough to wake up people that live around HMP. The PAX listened to “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down” while doing incline merkins on the wall — up on Bring Sally Up….down on Bring Sally Down. Mumblechatter was down to a minimum after this short song.

The PAX circled up for some tabata. 20 seconds of AMRAP, followed by a ten second break x 8 sets for each of three exercises. Squats, Amercian Hammers and yet again a third exercise that YHC cannot remember.

After tabata the PAX partnered up and moved to the grassy area beside the parking lot for some Dora 1,2,3. 100 Spider Man Merkins, 200 WWII sit ups and 300 Bobby Hurleys. Dora was stopped a little short in the interest of time.

Wrapped the thang up by listening to Roxanne and doing a Burpee every time the PAX heard the name Roxanne in the song.


Thoughts and prayers for the BRR participants, sign up for Brolympics, prayers for the Punzalan family, JNJ and a men’s event at Port City Community Church on Monday evening with a topic of loving your wife.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Everyone pushed themselves to their limit!

FMB and Uglystick





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