date: 9/11/17

qic: BTB

# of pax: 13

pax: https://vimeo.com/233292569


  • windmill x 9 ic
  • ssh x 11 ic
  • moment of silence x 01 minutes


  • partner up and alternate on a fireman’s carry to the pull up bars in honor of the FDNY’s efforts during that terrible attack on our country 16 years ago.
  • stay with your partner for a variation of DORA
    • one partner runs a full lap around the pond (.35 miles) while the other does AMRAP, then switch until completed the number of reps
    • 110 – lunges (one for each flight of stairs up the World Trade Center
    • 343– oblique crunches (one for each fireman who died saving others)
    • 911– in and ups shoulder raises (one for each day in the date of 9-11)
  • once completed, we are one lap short of 2 miles, so we line up for an Indian Run around the pond.
  • it was so much fun, lets do one more lap with the flag in front back to the parking lot!


  • Spin Doctor gave us some reflections from his perspective as he was in flight school for the USMC during the attack.
  • Flounder also reflected on a past conversation with a family member of a victim of the attack. They mentioned that the best and most thoughtful way we can honor the victims of the attack and the war is to take time today to reflect on this day and our great country.
  • LETC and Flounder gave us a report from the BRR! Great times were had by all and next year lets take 3-4 teams!
  • Don’t forget to sign up for BROLYMPICS! the sign up is on the website.

Thank you as always for the opportunity to start my day with a group of men like you all are! It is humbling to lead you through the gloom!

Until next time, BTB!



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