9/11 – Heavy Metal Monday

11 September 2017

#Pax – 9

Pax – Morpheus, Seahorse, Gravity, Mayhem, Milton, Bath Salts, Tiny Dancer, Flips

QIC – Minecraft

Nine Pax posted in the gloom today.  Strong work by Morpheus who posted after running in the BRR this past weekend.

Warm-up – side straddle hop x 20 IC, cotton picker x 20 IC and merkins x 15 IC.

Thang –

  1.  Lunge walk – partner up.  Partner 1 carries two kettle bells while lunge walking from speed bump towards speed bump at other end of parking lot.  Partner 2 runs to other speed bump and back to partner 1.  Switch.  Partner 2 lunge walk with KBs while partner 1 runs to speed bump and back.  Rinse and repeat until partner with KBs reaches speed bump.
  2. Seven exercises, 20 reps each.  Upright rows, triceps extension, squat and press, curls (10 each arm), offset merkins (10 with each hand on KB), KB swing and lawn mower pull (10 each arm).  Run around parking lot island.  Repeat seven exercises.  Run around parking lot island.  Repeat seven exercises.

Mary – LBCs with KB x 20 IC, Flutter kicks x 20 IC, and American hammers x 20 IC.

Moleskin – Brolympics is October 7.  You can sign up through the messages on Slack.

Strong work by the BRR teams, especially to Morpheus who posted this morning.

Prayers – For those who lost loved ones from the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.  For the safety of people who are in the path of Hurricane Irma.  For courage to those who are recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.  Thanks for the gift of F3 and the ability to workout this morning.

Strong work by all.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.




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