Inaugural Friday at Stingray – Fishy Friday

So when we arrived this morning there was a stench in the air. Someone had dumped a crap-load of fish in the dumpster, hence “Fishy Friday”.


PAX: Dino, Pete Herrmann (FNG – Spin Doctor🚁), Snail Mail, BTB, Coffee Bean, Ball Bearing,  Sparky, Etch-A-Sketch


Warm Up: Ball Merkins – 15, High Knees – 25 in cadence, Butt Kicks – 25 in cadence, Side Plank Pushups – 10 on each side, Tuck Jumps – 15


Mosey to the Gravel lot to collect a pebble, then we did some swimming exercises – I wonder what that person thought who drove by when we were all laying down on the ground swimming “Are they all having tantrums?”.

Free Style Swim X20 in Cadence

Breast Stroke X20 in Cadence

Pebble Exchange X20

Mosey to the Crapers (port-o-johns) where we stole a play out of Etch-A-Sketch’s playbook with the Indian Lunge Run – killer. Stopped at the pile of Rocks where we did the following with rocks.

4 Shoulder Presses, 4 Curls, 4 – 4 count Mountain climbers, 4 Merkins – Repeat 10X OYO.

Indian Run to fence posts 20 more pebble exchanges – then disposed of our pebbles – BTB chunked his in the woods

Mosey to the Skate Park where we partnered up and did the following:

Stairbarrow – think of a wheel barrow race, but going up the wooden stairs on your hands (found this on the F3 website)

5 passes of smoke the bowl.

Sumo Squats X30

Appollo Creed Burpees X10 on each arm (one arm burppee into high plank – found this on the website too)

When we ran out of time we moseyed back to the COT with a jailbreak at the grass.


Announcements: Brolympics less than a month away – SIGN UP TODAY!!

Prayer requests: Hurricane Irma, Coffee Bean has a friend who’s son died in a car accident – prayed for his family, Sparky said that his friend who’s health was fading is now up, alert, and talking to his family with all of his capacities.  Praise God!



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