QIC: 8penny

PAX: Hooch, TinyTank, Crosswalk

Heavy t-storms met  us at the AO so after no consideration, planted the lightning rod flag pole and jetted to the picnic shelter.


SSH x30 IC
Imperial Walkers x30 IC
Mountain Climbers x30 IC


Tabata with 1min continuous exercise followed by 30sec rest.  Rise and Repeat 3x per exercise then cycle on to the next completing the following:

  • Stationary Lunge
  • Carolina Dry Dock
  • Flutter-Kick
  • Bobby Hurley
  • Merkin
  • E2K Oblique Crunch
  • Step-Up
  • Dip

Run out the clock with LBC x30 IC

COT/Moleskin (at shelter):

  • Big-up to Crosswalk posting the day after a 4.5 mile FNG run
  • TT was strong and steady
  • Hooch held nothing back including his bear chest
  • Brolympics 10/7, check your calendars and sign-up ASAP.  Numbers like numbers so let’s get some commitments on paper.
  • Prayers for BRR teams, Harvey victims and grace from Irma for all in her path

Jet back to flag and Peace-out!




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