Potpourri of Suck

THE PAX: BTB, Blade, Cracker, Giraffe (FNG), Double Check, Fonda, Home-maker (My apologies if I butchered your name….I have CRS really bad!).

QIC: Milton

WARM-UP: 20 x SSH, 20 x IMP Walkers, 20 x Merkins

THE THANG: Today we started off with some base-running/Field of Screams. FoS is:

1st Base 10 x reps of Q-called exercise, 2nd Base Rinse & Repeat, 3rd Base Rinse & Repeat, Home Base 10 x LBC’s. We did:

1. Diamond Merkins

2. Merkins

3. Regular Merkins

4. Potpourri…….Burpees. Gotta Hate Burpees. There is a special place in Hell for those that think Burpees are a great idea for a workout.

Recover………….and Recover……………………………..next, pair up Pax-we’re doing some Dora 1,2,3.

Originally, Dora was going to consist of 100 x burpees, 200 x some sort of abdominal, and 300 x air squats. After knocking out 40 burpees, Q thought wiser of himself and designated 100 x Merkins and 200 x LBC instead! Wise choice!

So-Partner 1 does the Dora, Partner 2 makes a little mosey up the hill to play with the toys provided by the Q. Toys were:

Shoulder Press 25lbs dumbbells x 10 reps

Tricep Extension 39 lbs x 10 reps

Curlz 35 lbs dumbbells and 20-25 lbs taped bricks

Jerry Can Step Yo Ass Up

Jerry Can Shuffle.

The Pax did Dora 2X and rotated through the toyland in process. Good Job Pax! Look at the time! Finish up with Mary:

44 x Flutter Kicks, Protractor by BTB-and we are DONE!

MOLESKINS: Burpees are evil and should never be utilized in a workout. Ever. I hope the Pax got something out of this workout. Congrats to our new FNG “Giraffe” who came out to join us courtesy of Blade. Welcome to the PAX!

COT: Thanks for coming out and joining me for my Night Flight Q. Prayers go out to those who are impacted by Hurricane Irma. We also ask Him for guidance as we go out into the world and to do good work in His Name. Amen.




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