“Whet” stone


Pax: Last, Busted Grill, Tiny Dancer, Parrot Head, Mayhem, Morpheus, Gravity

7 Pax showed up for the one of the rainiest, most electrifying (literally) work outs ever.

Warm Up:

SSH X 30

Dan Taylors X 5

Decline Merkins X 15

The Thang:

An on-the-fly modification was necessary due to weather. Being that we were forced to stay under the shelter we risked out lives to run and grab heavy coupons.

Shoulder press with Coupons X 10

Front Raises with Coupons X 10

Bench press with Coupons X 10, rinse repeat.

LBAC with Coupons X 20

Flutter Kicks while holding coupons X 20

Leg raises while holding coupon with your feet X 12

Merkin rows with Coupons X 15

Copperhead squats with coupons X 15

Plank X 1 minute

Step ups with Coupons X 20

(cough, cough, I forgot several)


Once the coupons were replaced it was time for a little mary. Flutter Kicks X 20, Freddie Mercury X 20, Lunge walk around perimeter of shelter. Box cutter X 10, Heels to heaven X 10, six inches, a couple more I cannot remember,


Probably the worst rain I’ve ever seen, during a workout. I had a great work out planned, but the weather had other ideas. Glad to see 6 other pax cam out, even if one of those was Parrot Head. Strong work Pax!

Prayers for strength and wisdom if this storm of the century heads our way.

Last, out.





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