Objective Alpha

QIC: Double_Check

PAX: BG UglyStick Fonda Cracker Rip (FNDog)

Warm Up: Explain Objective to PAX


1) Rally Point – Pull Up Bars @ WB Park

2) Each PAX complete:

a) 3 Pull-Ups

b) 3 Incline Merkins

c) First 3 PAX completed 4 Reps

(Rip doesn’t have opposable thumbs)

3) Double time it back to AO to meet time deadline


Burpees IC x8 (1 for each honk while flying colors)

Squats IC x15

HillBillys IC x20


What a great afternoon with a small but enthusiastic group of men! Feel like I’m getting the hang of this & its meaning. Each of you present or not are to thank for that!

Enjoyed hearing about each of your days events and the anniversaries or birthday milestones coming up in your lives..

Prayers for those impacted by Harvey. Those dealing with and expecting to deal with Irma. Sign up for Brolympics & support Knight Flight.

Lots of really good things going on with F3 Cape Fear. Lots of opportunities. Lots of growth. Lots of people stepping up and following in the foot steps of those who’ve been training replacements over the last 6-9 months. We thank you core members and appreciate you setting the bar high 😉.

✔️✔️ Out



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