Playing In The Rain

If It’s Raining, We’re Still Training

QIC: Flounder

PAX:  Dino, Tiny Dancer, HoverRound, Overdraft, Abacus, Busted Grill, Blue Steel, Trump, Gobo, Venus, Nemo, Double Check, Niles, Heisenburg, Thin Slice, McFly, Wildwing, Chum, Last, SOL, Blade, Glass Joe, Epo

Warm-Up: 25 SSH, 20 Windmill

The Thang:  Mosey to the playing field.  Broad Jump Burpees to the other side.

Then lots of pushups.    5 sets of varying Merkins, 20 each.  Merkins, Blast-off Merkins, Spiderman Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Dive Bomber Merkins

Bear crawl to the other side of the field

More Merkins: 5 More set at 10 each.  Diamond Merkins, Partner Decline Merkins, Shoulder Tap Merkins, Nactar Jyde Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks.

Form 2 lines and Indian Run to the beach

At the beach: Suicides with a variety of core exercises between each.  Start with 1 minute low plank to high plank then 10 knees to nose.  Suicide.  Oblique Sit-ups (10 each), 20 V-ups.  Suicide.  20 LBC’s, 20 Bicycles.  Suicide.  20 American Hammers,   20 Flutter Kicks. Suicide.  1 minute low plank to high plank then 10 knees to nose.

Time to get wet.  Dino led us in flutter kicks at the water’s edge.  All PAX arms linked.  Better keep your mouth closed.  Arms still linked to knee deep and squats were attempted.  After 2 or 3 a 3 foot wave decided we had enough and knocked sown the wall.  Oh well, enjoy a swim for a few minutes.

Indian Run back to the AO where Mary’s took us out.  Merkins, Pickle Pumpers, more Merkins, flutterkicks (Double Check style), Alphabet and one or two more.

COT: Prayers for BRR runners and Labor Day safety of the PAX.  Venus gave us a breakdown of Brolympics events. I was personally thankful and glad to be back in the saddle after a few weeks out.

Moleskin:  I know, I know, this BB is late.  I am sure I will hear about it later.

The radar warned us and it was not more than 10 minutes into the workout that the rain started coming down.  Oh and the lightning.  That did not stop 24 PAX from pushing through.  For the entire workout, it was wet and stormy but it sure did make for a fun workout.  Venus and I were talking about how long it has been since we actually got out in the rain, uncaring, and played around.  It was fun and for those that were not there they missed a good start to the Labor Day weekend.  A little F2 at Donut Inn to pack on the calories we burned and off we go.

Flounder Out.








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