Rock me like a Hurricane

QIC: Double Craft (Mine Craft & Double Check)

PAX: dino heisenburg last Capt stubing letc BG bam bam tuner milton niles morpheus gobo parotthead Mr. kotter hahvd sparky fmb flounder etch-a-sketch mayhem donut ghost (fng) blade

Warm Up:

SSH IC x33

Wind Mill IC x20

Hill Billy IC x33

Count off

Half go with Mine Craft

Half go with Double Check

Mine Craft:

Partnered up with a battle buddy. You stay with your partner for exercises and run. The Cooper from F3 Nation Exercise web page. 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins then run around loop road. Rinse and repeat minus one rep.

Double Check

Mosey to Pull Up Bars. Mary while we bring up the six.

Circle up

One PAX completes 5 Pull Ups/Chin Ups while his neighbor calls out their favorite exercise. He leads this while the other solo PAX completes their reps. So on & so forth while we make our way around the circle.

In true spirit we went counter clockwise like a hurricane!!!

Mose to Speed Bump & line up in 4s. Sprint to next Hump and perform exercise while the six arrive.

Rinse & Repeat x2


This is when things become a little foggy..

LETC started

DINO led Crunchy Frogs IC x20

LETC Box Cutters IC x20

Dbl Chk Flutter Kicks IC x10

Dbl Chk Flutter Kicks (FMB style) IC c10

Milton American Hammer IC x20 (I think)

Mine Craft took us out with (ohh I don’t remember – but it took the very last ounce of sweat my body had to give)

Mole Skins/ COT

Yours truly (✔️✔️) with the help of Parrothead & Last have faith that I will not make forget IC next time I Q

Mine Craft did an exceptional job as always. Upon receiving the second group which consisted of many BRRer’s they were unusually quiet. He ran them good #legssosore

Kuddos to Tuner & Ghost (fng) who were thrust upon calling out some exercises early in their F3 career. They did no worse than I (who has no excuse after a year).

Thank you Donut & Flounder for representing SE & Stingray. Where are the rest of you???? We don’t have many convergences these days – Fridays & Saturdays are our only time to hear you both bicker in person..

Shout out to Hahvd who isn’t built for running but #NFQ’s. You motivate me sir!!!

LETC thank you for being first & leading until we caught up to join the rest of you fast runners!

Brolympics coming up 10/7/17. Please register ASAP to help with numbers.

Silver Fox/Tough Ruckers/Knight Flight please support & make it out to these new workouts.

Prayers for our first responders (overseas & on American soil) the spouses of those first responders. Flood victims. All PAX present and not present. Thank you Lord for the ability to sweat with our brothers at such an uncomfortable hour in the morning. Not all are able or as fortunate as we!!!

Pleasure & Honor

MC & DC out Yo..



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