Thunder Thigh Thursday

Thursday: 8/31

Pax: Last, Heisenberg, Mr. Kotter, 8 Penny, Morpheus, Coon Bait, Opey, Blade, Hover Round

8 pax wondered around in the gloom on muggy Thursday morning…

Warm Up:

SSH X 30

Hillbilly X 20

Hamstring stretch X 10

The Thang:

We took a mosey around the Cotton Exchange to “Heisenberg’s Park” behind the CFCC parking deck. We did a lunge walk, in unison for about 30 yards. We then broke into 2 man teams. One pax stayed behind and did step ups whilst the other man ran around the short loop in the courtyard area. The next rotation had was incline merkins, and finally dips, until everyone had run the loop three times. We then lunge walked back in unison again to the parking deck. We then climbed the stairs to the top of the deck and ran back down three floors, and did some karaoke for the final floor. We did some additional lunge walk on the ground floor.  We then line up behind Coon Bait for a team mosey back to the AO for some mary.


American Hammer X 30

Flutter Kicks X 30


Prayers for those in Texas/Louisiana. Keep Sir Mix in your prayers that his ankle mends quickly.  Also the BRR team still needs a driver.


First time I have Q’d in a very long time down there. Good to get back in the saddle.

Last, out.



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