Night Flight Hard Launch

Night Flight Hard Launch

Date: 8/31/17

QIC: Cracker

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Bob the Builder, Fire Marshall Bill, Double Check, Test Tube, Milton, Fonda


Side Straddle Hops X 20 IC

Windmill X 20 IC

Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Mosey around the playground to learn the lay of the land.

In honor of past educational legislation, NCLB (No Child Left Behind) now replaced by ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) the PAX took part in their own educational initiative, NPLBE(No Pax Left Behind).  In partners the pax completed the following while the other partner ran the loop around the playground.

N: Makhtar N’Diayes X 200

P: Plank Jacks X 200

L: LBCS X 200

B: Burpees X 100

Once that standard course of study was complete the pax head up the hill to the playground to completed a differentiated version of 11’s….5’s…. of pull ups and dips.


The pax exit ticket from today’s lesson came in the form of group selected exercises:

BTB led 2 sets of Moroccan sit ups X 10 IC

FMB led real man flutter kicks X 20 IC

DC led 2 set of plank dips X 10 IC

Milton led hello dolly X 30 IC

Cracker led American Hammers X 10 IC


Prayers for Houston.

Prayers for all of our countries educators and students who have started back and will going back to school over the next few weeks.

TClaps to Milton’s 2.0 Stryker as he tries out for football.

Brolympics October 7th.

Thank you to all the PAX for joining in tonight’s Hard Launch of Night Flight. Looking forward to keeping this AO rolling. It was a pleasure to lead.

Row the Boat,




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