TS Fartlek

Date:  29 August 2017

QIC: Donut (Seriously, it was…)

PAX:  8-Penny, Epo, Hoff

Despite the previous night’s threat of tropical storm conditions, 4 pax descended under the bridge to witness a first.  YHC would be Q’ing his first running workout.  Inspired by both Heisenberg’s call out for all #BRRoldmanteam runners to post, and a Fantasy Football draft that included a fair amount of liquid courage on Sunday evening, YHC took the reigns for #screamingeagle’s bridge run.

The Thang: YHC arrived under the bridge to see Hoff rummaging around in his vehicle like a raccoon in a garbage can.  There was a fair amount of anxiety/panic involved as The Hoff had misplaced his phone.  All the doors were open, there were headlamps lighting every crevice.  Even a call from Epo would not reveal it’s location.  The clock is ticking, and we are all here so let’s get going, the phone will have to wait…..

Take a run over the bridge (a nice shower or at least a puff of wind would have been nice) and cross over to the Food Lion parking lot.  To accommodate the skills of all runners, we will do some Fartleks.  Start by a 3 min fast pace run.  Begin a 4 min mosey/recovery run by heading back to the flesh anchor (Your’s truly) and continue down the running path.  Run another 3 min fast, and 4 min recovery.  Turn around and head back, continuing the same pattern under the bridge and down to the boat ramp.  Turn again and head back to the  CB side of the bridge.  Jail break from the bridge back to the parking lot.

When it was all over, even the flesh anchor got in 5 miles.  We were all drenched, but not from rain.

Moleskin: Epo pulled an Elvis, but declined a perfectly good Port-a-Potty and opted for the au natural event.  I guess that answers the question about what bears do in the woods.  Both Epo and Hoff pushed me today, and Hoff’s coaching across the bridge pushed me farther than I thought I could go.  Thanks brother.  I’ll get the 3 min crossing next time.  8-Penny never seems to be in pain or uncomfortable.  Does anyone know why he isn’t on the BRR team?

Oh and the phone… it was located, but The Hoff declined to say where because of the potential for ridicule.  I can’t imagine where he left it, and maybe I’m better off that way.

COT:  Prayers for Sir-Mix-A-Lot who is nursing a bum ankle, and Foxtrot who is dealing with more back issues.  Prayers for those that seek the truth.  And of course prayers for  Texas.

Thanks for letting me lead.





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