Solo Mission

DATE: 8/29/17


# of PAX: 1


As my alarm went off this morning I had this strange feeling that I was going to post alone and that maybe I shouldn’t go, and I should just get back in my hot pocket with the M and all will be good tomorrow. But then I thought, “No. This is F3. What if I don’t post and someone shows up alone?” And guess what happened, my brothers left me to post solo on a rainy, sorry for excuse for a tropical storm, kind of morning.

Once 0530 rolled around, I knew this would be a solo mission, so I took off on an unplanned route, for an unknown amount of miles, as I ran around the beautiful island of WB. I can tell you one thing, I am sure am glad I didn’t skip out on this morning. I had the entire beach to myself, felt great going into the day, and continued my streak of never regretting getting up to post at a workout.


  • I hope everyone had a great nights sleep! The storm that never was hardly even dropped any rain.
  • Continued prayers for Texas as they recover from the storm that really was.
  • EVERYONE better post at Stingray tomorrow for the 1 year anniversary! Don’t worry about missing this morning, I’ll be sure to make up for it for you tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, BTB- over and out!


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