Running in the Rain

Date : 08/29/17

QIC : Hoveround

# of PAX : 7

PAX : Gobo, Blade, LETC, Busted Grill, Opie, & Captain Steubing

Seven Pax got stronger, faster and wet this morning at UNCW Run Day, Fun Day with F3. YHC and Gobo, Blade, LETC, Busted Grill, Opie and Captain Steubing put a hurtin’ on the parking garage on campus.

Warmup :


31 Hillbillies IC (Gobo missed his “THREE ZERO”)

16 Cotton Pickers (slow, and properly-paced)

The Thang :

Moseyed to the parking garage, led by Gobo, in the driving rain. What a character builder! Once there, we paired up the best that we could with seven, and began the beat down. YHC borrowed a similar workout from BtB from last Thursday. (Thanks, BtB). While your partner ran up the steps and down the ramps, you performed;

100 mountain-climbing merkins

200 four-count Imperial Walkers

100 declined merkins (feet up on the window sill)

400 Freddie Mercury’s (single count)

Moseyed back to AO for a couple of Mary’s (flutter kicks and stretching).

COT / Moleskin :

Prayers for BG’s friend

Flood victims, and others not with us.

Blade took us out, and did a fine job.

Great serving today, as it is always an honor and a pleasure. F2 at Grinders was a good time. Hope others that stayed dry at home had a as good as a time as we did together this morning! Thanks!

(written by Hoveround, slightly edited/formatted & posted by Blade)



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