Date: 8/26/2017

QIC: Tiny Dancer

# of PAX: 24

PAX: Epo, Tiny Tank, LETC, Seahorse, Last, Parrothead, Marino, Niles, Eight Penny, Hasselhoff, Tank, Overdraft, Dino, Tennenbaum, Blue Steel, Chop Shop, Bam Bam, Busted Grill, Ballbearing, Coffee Bean, Abacus, Huggie Bear, Double Check


SSH X 40
Imperial Walker X 20
Merkin X 15
Mountain Climber X 20
Carolina Dry Dock X 10
Alternating Shoulder Taps X 10


Mosey to the beach

4 Corners Escalator
Bear crawl to the water
10 burpees
Run down the beach
10 burpees
20 Merkins
Bear crawl back up the beach
10 burpees
20 Merkins
30 squats
Run back to starting point
10 burpees
20 Merkins
30 squats
40 LBC’s
Mary in the water until all finished

Partner Jacob’s ladder
Partner 1 wheelbarrows up hill
Both partners do 1 body builder
Partner 2 wheelbarrows back down to water
Repeat adding 1 body builder each time up to 7 body builders

Indian Run back to the park
Sprints/backward run across soccer field X 2
Sprint to basketball court


Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey
Brolympics October 7 – sign up online
Welcome Marino from Burlington
Welcome Tiny Tank who has recently relocated to F3 Cape Fear
Parrothead – I’m glad someone can count to 7 -seems others may have lost count
Busted Grill – way to power through the wheelbarrow
Huggie Bear – beat to see you back out there
Last – that Red Bull gave you a burst on the way to the beach
Hoff – way to pound out the miles – you are more than ready for the BRR
All millenials conspicuously missing this morning
It’s always great to see my F3 brothers converge at the best AO in the nation
It’s an honor to be able to lead

Tiny Dancer


One thought on “

  1. Steven Gould says:

    Honored to meet and suffer with my F3 brothers in the not-so-gloom. Great Q, great AO, can’t wait to visit again. -Marino B-Town



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