Hump Day at Hugh McRae Park

23 August 2017

# Pax – 11

QIC – Minecraft

Pax – Dixie Chick, SOL, Wreck-it-Ralph, Busted Grille, Niles, Milton, Parrot Head, Mayhem, Lumberg ( Emmitt SC), and Gravity

11 Pax posted this morning to keep their week moving in the right direction.  Welcome to Lumberg from Emmitt South Carolina.

Warmup – side straddle hop x 20 IC, cotton picker x 20 IC, copperhead merkin x 20 IC and squats x 20 IC.  Mosey to pull-up bars.


Two exercises at pull-up, bars – run down to wall at pond – two exercises – run back to pull-up bars.  Each exercise is 10 reps.  Rinse and repeat reducing reps by one each time.  Exercises at pull-up bars – pull-ups and merkins.  Exercises at wall – wall hops and decline merkins.

Mosey to shelter near AO.

Exercises x 12 reps each – dips, knee-ups, incline merkins, carolina dry docks, plank jacks and american hammers.  Mosey to AO.

COT – Niles is hosting F2 at his house tonight.  His home will be converted to Margarittavlle.  Starting at 5:30.

Prayers for Gravity’s Aunt Juliet who is suffering from spinal stenosis.

Prayers for the ability to be able to workout and for the F3 brothers.  Preayers for protection of men and women in the military.  Prayer for our Lord to be with us this day.


Strong workout Pax.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.






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