Setting Sail into a New AO

Night Flight Soft Launch

Date: 8/24/17

QIC: Cracker

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Bob the Builder, Venus, Brick, Ugly Stick, Fonda, Double Check, Gravity, Milton


SSH X 20

Moroccan Night Clubs X 20 IC


With this being the soft launch, YHC decided to learn the lay of the land. The pax start with an indian run off campus to an awesome park nearby with pull up bars, dip bars and a sit up bench. The PAX partnered up and completed 3 sets of 10 of push ups and dips.

Following the visit to the park, the PAX made their way back to FHGES to see if they could make their way through failure. In partners the PAX completed the following while their partner ran up and down the stairs of the front of campus:

Flutter Kicks 200

American Hammers 300

Incline Merkins 400

LBCs 500

Because all educators believe in second chances, we completed the task again, but made some accommodations to create success:

LBCs 250

Incline Merkins 200

American Hammers 150

Flutter Kicks 100


V Ups IC X 20 led by Gravity

Sweat Angels IRC X 20 led by BTB

Flutter Kicks IC X 30 led by Milton

2 minutes of Protractor led by Ugly Stick


Prayers for Gravity’s Aunt.

Prayers for Charleston

Prayers for Wreck-It-Ralph

Prayers for the brother and family of one of the friends of many of the PAX.

Shout out to Gravity for the great F2 suggestion at Burnt Mill Creek.

Night Flight Hard Launch next Thursday, 8/31/17, at 6:15 at Forest Hills Global Elementary.

Strong work by all the PAX this evening. There was nothing soft about this launch. Thanks for everyone’s support as we set sail to make this another great AO in the Cape Fear Region. Have a great rest of your week PAX.

Row the Boat,




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