Blimps over Ogden Park

Date: 8/23/17


Number of pax: 12- Ball Bearing, Blue Steel, EtchaSketch, EOM, Gilligan, Snail Mail, Sparky, Tuner, 1/4 Round, Tank, UglyStik, Venus

Warm up

Seal claps IC x 25, Windmills IC x 20, Merkins IC x 15, Mtn climbers IC x 20

Mosey to soccer fields for tha Thang

BLIMPS – 10 Burpees, 20 lunges, 30 Imperial walkers, 40 Mtn climbers, 50 plank jacks, 60 squats.

Do burpees, ru to midfield and back.  Repeat burpees and add lunges.  Rinse and repeat, adding the next exercise each time until you have spelled BLIMPS.  HateHates, play amongst yourselves until we finish also.

Mosey to swings. 20 wooley worms, 20 dips, 20 derkins.  3 sets.

All of that was done to slow down these rabbits on our obligatory Indian run around the park. Must have worked because YHC hung in there pretty well, where he is usually run in the ground.

Back at the virtual flag we had time for Mary.

LBCs IC x 49 and American Hammers IC x 20

COT- Sign up for Brolympics, get to Tuff Ruckers, Night Flight, etc. prayers for the injured and fartsacking pax.  Gratitude for the gift of F3 and the great place we call home.

Moleskin- YHC was the subQ for Flounder who is down with a hurt back. The merkin/Mtnclimber was in honor of HIM.  BtB not posting at Stingray equals seeing a solar eclipse – a rare occurrence. Missed them both.  Nonetheless, we had a strong crew.  It is awesome to see Snail Mail and Tuner becoming regulars. Keep up the strong work. All of the pax did an awesome job today. You always push me to be better. Thank you for that.

It was a gift, honor, and pleasure to be your Q today.

LETC out-



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