Be-Deviled Devil’s 10

THE PAX: Gravity, Busted Grille, Morpheus, Dixie Chick

QIC: Milton

Four brave souls ventured into Hugh McRae Park in the early morning gloom to make their DownPainment to the Milton’s REBIRTHED “Devil’s Ten” workout. Devils Ten is circuit based training with weights, bricks, blocks, and boulders. The PAX work their way OYO through 10 stations @ 10 reps each. Upon completion of each station, each PAX knock out 10 Merkins. No Mercy, no whimpering, no crying…..just work!


Ten Stations, 10 x reps followed by 10 x Merkins. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Do your station…..then go do 10 x Merkins. The stations set up for today were:

1) Shoulder Press x 10 @ choice of 35 or 25 lbs. dumbells….followed by 10 x Merkins

2) Dips (Proper FORM!) x 10….followed by 10 x Merkins

3) Full range motion Brick Flies….followed by 10 x Merkins

4) Tricep Extension with choice of 39lbs or 35 lbs Kettlebell x 10 reps….followed by 10 x Merkins

5) Ruskie-Merican Hammer with 15-lbs medicine ball….followed by 10 x Merkins

6) Jerry Can Shuffle @ 35-50 lbs each arm….followed by 10 x Merkins

7) Granite Boulder Squats (~45-55 lbs) x 10 reps….followed by 10 x Merkins

8) Jerry Can Step Up x 10 reps….followed by 10 x Merkins

9) Inverted Row with PAX choice of 35 lbs or 35 lbs Kettle Bell……followed by 10 x Merkins

10) Brickhouse-Bear Crawl. Bear crawl 50 yards with bricks and run back…..followed by 10 x Merkins.


Lots of good work out there today….where is everybody else? Devil’s 10 will kick your ass if you do proper form. The PAX focused on form: Full Proper Merkins, full extension, full range of motion. Jack-rabbiting just cheats your body. Pain, Suffering, and Hard Work was conducted by All!

COT: Thanks for coming out and partaking in some pain with me. Thank you for the opportunity to lead you today. Prayers go out to Gravity’s Family and Busted Grill’s Friend. Together, let us strive to do good work in His Name, Amen.



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