Getting Looped

34 PAx came from near and far to gather at one of F3 Nation’s best AO’s.

QIC: Dino

PAX: OBT(Royalty), Smokey(Metro), GOBO, Fonda, Science and Math, Brian Loeffler FNG from Metro (6 Million Dollar Man), Busted Grilllllllllll, Tannenbaum, Wrigley, Over Bite, Cracker, Kramer, Haaaaaaaahvad, Milton, Hoff, Frogger(Metro), Niles, Heisenburg, Blue Crush, 2-Ply, (Durham), K-Mart, Stryker, SOL, LIFO, Double Check, Over Draft, Brian Babcock (Hot Spot), Blade, Last, Blue Steel, Parrothead, The Adjuster


Warm Up: SSH x30, Seal Claps x30, Merkins x15, Mountain Climbers x15, Merkins x10

Partner Up and we are off toward the beach. Stop at corner of Salisbury and Lagoon Dr for the launch of “BALLS”.

Partner 1: Runs the loop (N. Lumina to Salisbury to Lagoon).

Partner 2: Burpees x10, American Hammer x20, LBCs x30, Lunge x40, SSHx50

Rinse and Repeat x2

Run in formation to the beach for abbreviated Jacob’s Ladder (up to 4).

Arm and arm we go into the water until we are waist deep. Squats x10 in unison. Back to the edge of the surf for flutters x 20.

Run back to COT with 2 sprints mixed in.


-Wrightsville Beach in the Summer usually captures some visitors. Today was no exception. Welcome to OBT, Frogger, Smokey, 6 Million Dollar Man, K-Mart, SOL, 2-Ply, Science and Math.

-The Hoff and Sir Mix A Lot ran 32 in the past 24 hours. #F3Strong

-Blue Steel dug deep in the closet for his all-black unitard that he used to wear during his modeling days. Looking sharp!

-Busted Grill is 71 and still kicking ass. No excuses from that guy. #realman

-Stryker staying in good shape over the Summer, now we just need Milton to follow suit. #sayingitbecauseweloveyou

-2-ply was wiped out by the end. Bad joke, sorry.

-Heisenburg was silent, but deadly out there today.

-Most of the Millennials were absent today. There must have been a Rave last night. #isthatstillathing?

-Thanks goes out to Niles for documenting today’s workout.


-Please spare a few bucks and donate to Give2Give. There are links all over the place if you are interested


-Check website and Slack for updates on Night Flight and F2 events. Niles will be hosting the first Mixology course at his house. Upon completion, you will a pro at mixing a margarita from scratch.

-If you think your company could use some leadership training, consider looking into the Iron Project. Check the website or hit up OBT for more details.


It was a privilege to lead this group. Hopefully, F3 made your day better.

‘Til next time,




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