Downtown Dora

Q: Fire Marshal Bill

PAX: Uglystik, Blade, Opie, Capt. Stubing, East (2.0 from Raleigh), Box Jump (Raleigh), Morpheus, Coon Bait, Hoveround, Heisenberg, 8-Penny, Patch Adams, Johnny Gage, Tiny Dancer


Copperhead Merkins, Cotton Pickers, & Imperial Walkers each 20 IC


Indian run from the AO to the parking deck two blocks away continue the Indian Run to the top of the parking deck. YHC turned on “Roxanne” and instructed the PAX to do a Burpee anytime they heard Roxanne. Moved on to Jacob’s Ladder, complete one Mike Tyson with you feet against the wall on the parking deck, bear crawl about 10 yds, crawl bear to the wall, complete two Mike Tyson’s………….all the way to seven Mike Tyson’s….any mumblechatter had been replaced by grunts and groans at this point. PAX partnered up and began DORA 1,2,3 – 100 merkins, 200 lbc’s, 300 Bobby Hurleys. Took the stairs to the ground level. Did an Indian Bear Crawl until 0613, then moseyed back to the AO.


Thank you for a great morning and the ability to make it out to the gloom this morning. Prayers for Patch Adams and family with the expectation of a healthy little showing up soon! Help each of us to reflect your character into those that we interact with. Be with local, national and world leaders – turn their hearts towards you.

First Ruck Wednesday was a success and plan on showing up next Thursday for Night Flight if available.


Uglystik – always good to see you at or near the front of the pack

Blade – strong work, it was good to Opie (FNG that you HC’d on Tuesday) out again

Opie – strong work! Keep showing up and you will be running with Uglystik in no time

Capt. Stubing – glad that you are back, your presence was missed this summer

East – strong showing, it is great that at 11 you come out with your dad. Strong work!

Box Jump – thanks for coming out and bringing your 2.0 when visiting from Raleigh

Morpheus – you can tell that the BRR is around the corner you look like Dieter Baumann, at least a little…..

Coon Bait – great job continuing to show up and pushing hard

Hoveround – I am sure you enjoyed wandering around downtown on your run, always good to see you

Heisenberg – Running down a dream, let us know when you catch it, if you will stop singing when you catch it then just keep running it down

8-Penny – Always good to see you in the gloom

Patch Adams – will be praying for you and your family as the birth of another little one approaches

Johnny Gage – strong work this morning, you have the character of Ivan Fernandez Anaya

Tiny Dancer- I hope I am still getting after it like you are when I am 52!

I had a blast, thanks for allowing me to Q!

Fire Marshal Bill




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