Who’s Ass-King for it ?

​​​ ​The title of this q came from an anecdote shared by my 19 year old son who took me to a Nick Cave concert last spring in Asheville. Cave , a spry sexagenarian ( yeah you can call all your 60 year old friends that ) boldly crowd-surfed several times that night and my son laughed as he recounted Nick diving onto him with wild abandon, leading my son to pat Nick’s bottom in encouragement as he rode the human wave across the theater. “Well- ” I said thoughtfully , ” I’m sure he was ass- king for it”.

The Q: Niles 

The pax: Minecraft tiny dancer double check striker Milton wreck-it  Ralph Mayhem gravity bath salts kung fu panda fire Marshall Bill Harvahd busted grill seahorse the Adjuster 

     15 pax joined me in the mid-week gloomidity. Introductions were shared , Disclaimers were made and it was on- gluteus to the maximus .

25 ssh

25 imperial walkers 

15 merkins

Wide leg stretch
Then off to the side of the tennis courts to find a large boulder . 

The thang:

Line up with a partner on the grassy knoll for Jacob’s ladder. Run with your boulder to the retaining wall , partner runs backwards. Wall jumps at the retaining wall alternating with v ups at the lower end. 

Partipants encouraged to randomly yell “who’s ass-king for it ” and partners encouraged to respond loudly ” I’m ass-king for it”. Cobains to the sensitive of ears and the under 17. 
Broga – locust pose, bow pose, three rounds of 10 count bridge or wheel pose . 
Then mosey to the tennis courts. 

Kettle bell swings with boulder, run to the other end of the tennis court for balls to the wall 30 count and run back. 
Broadjump Burpee’s to the halfway point and lunge walk back with boulders , alternating the boulder carrying hand in order to avoid being ass-ymmetric or left behind. 
Return the Boulder and mosey to the parking lot for Mary led by Stryker- (t claps young dude) and then a mosey/Sprint and some more broga led by tiny dancer. 
Butt, we’re not done. Finish with pigeon pose on each side. 
F2 tonight after a tough Ruck q’d by gobo starting at waterline brewery at 6 pm. 
Next weeks F2 hosted by YHC at my house – 2624 Coulter Pl. 530 pm . Myxologie 101 taught by Last. The first class will be how to make a margarita from scratch . Not frozen, not fruity and not average. Entertainment possibly provided by Parrot Head and Gobo . I have foosball and air hockey and ping-pong tables, and will have a 12 pack of Newcastle for non-margarita drinkers . If you’re thirsty and don’t like margaritas or Newcastle, BYOB. 
Prayer requests: 

For baby opal undergoing a heart procedure next month to repair to Hartwell defects. 

For Ashley Garner recovering from a heart attack and for safety for the pax and FIA during their workouts.

For first responders and those who protect us. For civility and peace. 

For those who aren’t able to join in for those who are yet to come. 
Thanks gents – always an honor and a pleasure. SYITG! 



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