In Dedication To

In Dedication To

# of PAX: 26

PAX: LETC, 8-Penny, Dino, Juko (Durham), Snoop (Charlotte), Cracker, The Hoff, Cinnabon, Gobo, Busted Grill, Last, Fivehole, Milton, Blade, Choo-Choo, SOL (FNG), Heisenberg, Glass Joe, Mapquest, Do Tea (spell?), Dixie Chick, The Adjuster, Expired (Greensboro), Tenebaum, Seahorse, Foxtrot.

QIC: Foxtrot


56 SSH, IC (Varying Cadence)

Charles Atlas Stretch x 2

Pigeon Stretch x 2

 Low Plank, “In Dedicated To” Exercise

While in low plank, PAX were asked to think of someone who was sick, passed, or otherwise in a tough spot and not able to smell the ocean early on a Saturday morning.  Even if that person wasn’t into working out, they would opt for a beat down as a better alternative to the state he/she was in.  Once you put a name to that face and person, PAX could then recover.

PAX were asked to dedicate today’s beat down to that person.  If you reach a spot in the work out where you don’t want to do the work, think about that person and do the work in his/her honor.

The Thang: Part 1

Mosey to the field adjacent to the basketball court and circle up.

Descending Ladders @ Urgency – a good ‘ole fashion, but brief, Ranger smoke session

10 Merkins, IC, single count.  Roll over and into 10 Flutter Kicks, IC.

9 Merkins, IC, single count.  Roll over and into 9 Flutter Kicks, IC.

8, 7, 6 … 3, 2, 1.


10 Squats, IC, single count. 10 Hello Dolly’s, IC.

9 Squats, IC, single count. 9 Hellow Dolly’s, IC.

8, 7, 6 … 3, 2, 1.

The Thang: Part 2

8 highly motivated and fit-as-a-fiddle-and-ready-for-love PAX volunteered to lead three-PAX teams.  Leaders were instructed to lead their teams – finding a pace and sharing work somewhere between the leader’s ability and that of a PAX not as fit.  Leaders had to lead their team to the ocean.  Along the way, the team needed to complete 165 lunges, collectively, or about 55 per PAX.  When lunging, 1 PAX had to rest, 2 PAX had to exercise.  Team had to arrive together at ocean and wait until all teams arrive before next exercise.

Leaders were instructed to share the work evenly with a goal of every PAX completing about 55 repetitions.  Leaders could do more, but encourage all to share the work.  This requires the leader to be aware of abilities of each team member.

As Q arrived at the ocean with his team, several PAX were there and knocking out flutter kicks.

Once all teams arrived, teams had to complete 165 burpees collectively. 2 PAX were to do burpees on the hard sand near the ocean, but not in the ocean.  1 PAX would rest by moseying toward the dune and return. All teams did this for 6 minutes approaching or meeting goal of 165 burpees.

After 6 minutes of burpee work, all PAX got online, locked arms at elbows and moved into the surf to about chest depth at which time all were asked to remember to whom who they were dedicating their workout.  About face.  Exit the surf.

All teams to the pavement.  As soon as a team was ready to go, team departs together for the basketball court.  Teams/individual could run at any pace, but must finish as a team.


Strong work by 25 PAXs!

Welcome to our visitors from Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte.  Thanks for finding Baywatch on a Saturday morning.

Welcome to a FNG, SOL, who was recruited by 8-Penny.  Glad to have you onboard and hope to see you in the gloom.  We’ll get you on Slack.

The theme of completing 55 repetitions or each movement is in honor of Q’s upcoming birthday on 20 August.  I turn 55 on that day; it’s just a number and I’ll never catch BG, who is inspires us all.

Stay on Slack for news and updates to events upcoming including the Wednesday night launch of some Rucking workouts.  Workouts start at 6pm and depart from Waterline Brewing.

Better With Bourbon is playing tonight at 9 at Cody’s – great band with F3 followers – come out and hear Donut and the band.

Silverfox workouts start on 16 September as a way for young PAX over fifty to recruit and lead other young PAX over 50.

Prayers for a fallen Marine and his family.  He was on the aircraft that went down in Mississippi; his funeral is today.

Prayers for Uncle John who is coming out of a dark period.

Prayers for a few folks recently passed.

Prayers for all in uniform, of any kind, located in any time zone.

Strong Work!!!  Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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