Old Q, old iron, newsweat!

PAX: Captain Stubing, Kramer, Parrothead, Gobo, Gravity, The Adjuster, Last, Seahorse, Minecraft

QIC: Busted Grill

Wanm up: Seal claps 20 IC, Hillbillies 20 IC, Cotton Pickers 20 IC

The Thang: Partner up and Indian Run to the pull up bars. Low plank to a slow count of 71. That would be your age if you were born on 8/5/1946. Waiting for us were 2 barbells and a 1992 Camry trailerhitch. The barbells are older than me, well traveled ,very lonely, and have been hiding in my garage for many years. They weigh in at 55 and 75 lbs. with the hitch about 25 lbs. First set was 3 rounds of 3 exercises: 20 partner assisted sit ups, 7 pull ups and 5 military presses with your weight of choice. 2nd set was 3 rounds of 10 dips on bars, 5 toes to the bar and 5 curls with weight of choice. Time to do 2 more rounds of the first set and one round of the 2nd set. Mosey to the flag carrying the weights.

Mary: Only time for 71 flutter kicks IC.

Counterama, Namearama

COT: Wreck-it Ralph’s for HDHH, Last will update on Slack. Gobo starts Wednesday evening ruck next Wednesday. Prayers for PAX, for God’s truth and common sense for our country and protection for those who serve and protect us.

Thanks for the privilege:  BG




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