Upper Body Melon Cracker

Date: Monday, August 7, 2017

Time: 0530

QIC: Gravity

PAX: LETC, Seahorse, Smokes, Hahvahd, Morpheus, Beretta, Tiny Dancy, Mayhem, Surf-n-Turf (a/ka sulfur toes), Minecraft, Kramer,  Gobo and Fake News from F3Metro

Warm up: SSH x 25 IC

The Heavy Metal Thang:

7 – 5 minute stations with 2 exercises each. Execute each exercise for 2.5 minutes and switch with your partner.

Station 1

  1. A) Soccer Ball V-ups w/ Kettle Bell – Hold the soccer ball between your feet and the KB with your hands
  2. B) Superman Waves – holding a Superman pose, wave back and forth like you are at a rock show.

Station 2

  1. Igloo Press – like a bench press, on an igloo cooler. Obviously not big enough as we almost had some Merlot spilled.
  2. Pinterest Press – YHC saw this on Pinterest. Holding a weight between your palms at shoulder height, extend your arms out and back.

Station 3

  1. Skull Crusher Rows – bend over, grab the KB like a Lion’s head you are about to crush, and row it up to your chest.
  2. Triceps Extensions

Station 4

  1. Boxing Lunge – from a lunge position, box with window weights keeping your hands high
  2. Butterflies – holding two dumbbells from waist to overhead.

Station 5

  1. Lunge Curl Press – compound movement doing all three things
  2. Lunge Twist – holding a medicine ball, lunge and twist holding for a 2 count.

Station 6

  1. Derkins
  2. Hammer Halos – halo movement with a sledge hammer

Station 7 – added on the fly because better than expected numbers.

  1. High Rows
  2. KB Swings

COT: continued prayers for those PAXs who have family distress and challenges. Prayers for military and first responders – yet more reminders in the daily news for those we’ve lost lately.

Skins: YHC will introduce more breaks so that the hard work can be rewarded with more rest (perhaps more Tabata). Plan to attend the meeting with OBT on the 15th at the George on the Riverwalk – please be sure to RSVP to either Ugly Stick or Mr. @ The Hoff. Gobo and Last are starting another AO on Wednesday afternoons that will be a Ruck / F2 (a/k/a Brewery tour). I might have to attend – looks heavy. Be on the lookout for more information soon. Seahorse introduced the Sunday Extra Credit sessions involving kayaks or canoe paddling to Masonboro Island for another workout opportunity.

Hahvahd – hope you didn’t bruise your melon bro – I need to get a bigger igloo or upgrade to a yeti. Great job of pushing through after that fall.

LETC – feedback is appreciated.

Tiny Dancer – good to see you again.

Smokes – nice to meet you.

Sulfur Toe – welcome back – hopefully you will get the Slack app so you can scream “Who’s Motivated” to all of us anytime you want.

Morpheus – thanks for giving Mr. Toe a ride so he can post.

Beretta – get ready for your Heavy Metal Q – looking forward to it.

Thanks to Fake News (F3Metro) for posting – all should remember that F3 travels.

As always, it’s a true honor to lead this group of men – you only get by giving, so sign up for some Qs.

Respectfully submitted: Gravity



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