Give It Away – Advisory Council Meeting


What: F3CapeFear Advisor Council Planning Meeting

The Pax: Ball Bearing, Blade, BtB, Cracker, Dino, Donut, Epo, EOM, EtchaSketch, 8penny, Fonda, Gobo, Hahvad, The Hoff, Niles, SirMixaLot, Venus, Trump, UglyStik,

When: Thursday, August 3, 6:30 pm

Where: WB Brewery

Why: Because F3 means something to you


Give It Away

Warm-up: We will briefly recap the past year for our region, and discuss where to go next. Let’s figure out how to give it away. Give2Give $1000 match if CapeFear pax cough up the $$ on the G2G campaign

Tha Thang: Since 1-1-11, F3 has grown from one workout per week in Charlotte to over 600 workouts per week in 30 states. F3Wilmington was launched 6-14-14. It was reborn as F3CapeFear on 8-4-16.

Mission Statement: To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles: All F3 workouts are:

• Are free of charge
• Are open to all men (all ages and fitness levels)
• Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
• Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
• End with a Circle of Trust

Brief run down of who we are.

We transitioned from F3Wilmington to F3CapeFear August, 2016. We went from 6 workouts a week to 13 workouts in a very short time.

In December, 2016 we created the F3CapeFear Foundation.

In March, 2016 we sent 15 pax to complete GrowRuck 02 with our sister regions in Atlantic Beach.

We helped launch F3Whiteville

We started JimbosandJesus.

We have had 2 workdays with WARM.

We had 85th? Annual Christmas party

We had an 43th annual cornhole tournament.

We launched our own website.

We have donated funds in honor of Papa Smurf, Dipstick, and Cheech.

We have reached approximately 200 men in Wilmington.

We helped launch FIA.
We launched a 2.0 workout

All of this was done with you, volunteer labor. Men who received this gift, and are now giving it away.

We can do so much more.

We need more workouts. In Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland, etc
Joint workouts with FIA? Family friendly workouts, ruckwork outs, Silverbullet workouts

We need more 2nd F. – parties, boat trips, road trips, beach days.

We need more 3rd F – charity work, Bible studies, book studies, prayer groups

If F3 has impacted your life, you are obligated to help give it away.

Idea on how we can double the current size of F3CapeFear in just a couple of months.

If you have a current role that you have had for a year or more, we want you to give it away. Find someone to replace you, and find a new role for yourself.

Now it’s time to start a Give It Away Campaign.

  1.  Every CapeFear pax, who has had a leadership role for 1+ years, is asked to give their role away.
  2. Walk along side your replacement to educate and guide.
  3. Find a new leadership role for yourself.

YHC is going to kick things off by giving Nant’an away to UglyStik.
EPO is giving 1st F Q away to BtB.
Niles is giving JimbosandJesus site Q away to Hahvad.

Stay tuned- more is to come. Need a role? Find one. Have a role? Give it away.

Hahvahd closed us out in a very special BoM.

Pax, thanks so much for the opportunity to be 1st Nant’an of CapeFear  is has been an honor and blessing to mosey along side all of you.  I can’t wait to see where this thing goes next.

Need more inspiration? Check out this Facebook post from Lip Gloss in Statesboro, SC

Why I F3:

Today was the first day of kindergarten for my 2.0, Anaconda. My wife is down with a stomach bug, so I’m at full “Mr. Mom.” Up early, kid dressed, school supplies gathered, etc. etc.

Work: a lot of preparation for the fall, when the booze business in Savannah is booming. Physical work in the warehouse moving around assets we use to promote our products. No F3 workout by any means, but good physical exertion.

Then I take the 2.0 to the dentist, to the rec department (flag football) and home. At home, he wants to ride his bike.

Now men, I’ve given you all of this background to make this point: my feet were hurting, my knees aching, and I was tired. But I followed that kid on foot as he flew along on his bike around a 1/2-mile loop in our neighborhood. When we got home, he took of his training wheels and asked me to help him try to ride on two wheels.

Evey time someone from the Pax or a Q has come back to get me on my notoriously lackluster moseys, every time I’ve done 10 burpees instead of nine (even when the goal was 15), every time I’ve convinced myself to drive to the RAC when I wanted to sleep–those moments led to this one: my kid riding across the yard on his bike, me holding him up and then letting go. He’d go 25, 50, 100, 200 feet and tumble over. Then he would get up, pick up the bike, and do it again. Like my workouts, it wasn’t perfect. He’s still got a long way to go. But he was riding. And he was joyful in his accomplishment.

I come to F3 because you gentlemen are helping me reclaim some health and in the process offering exceptional fellowship. I keep pushing to do one more rep, even when I’m still behind the total being asked for. I’ve done this for moments like I had today with my son, when I wanted to go inside and sit, but instead stayed out, pushed myself and made a forever memory. And the next time I’m sucking wind, I’ll think of Anaconda getting up off the ground, rubbing a nascent bruise, smiling, and getting back up on that bike.

Iron sharpens iron. It also seems to be sharpening whatever I am. Cheers to you all and thanks. See y’all Thursday.




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