SkyQ Brings the DownPainment

Q: The Ratt
Date: 8-2-17
AO: Stingray @ Ogden Park
# of PAX: 14
PAX: BTB, Etch a Sketch, Trickle Down, Tooner (FNG), LETC, The President Trump, Flounder, EOM, Intern, All About that Bass, Quarterround, Ball Bearing, Blue Steel


  • Seal Claps IC 50
  • Sun Gods IC 20 forward, back, up
  • Slow Count Merkins 20

The Thang

Line-up Oldest to Youngest

Obstacle Course Race: Up and down the bleachers, through the slide, sun dial Merkins 5×4 at the bleachers, stop at the rocks and do 20 coupon curls, then over to the pull up bars, 5 pull up, back to bleachers for 20 dips, then back to bleachers. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Do LBAC  while we wait for the SIX. Attempted slow count IC burpees….but it was a fail or at least as a 3 count.

Made the PAX do squats and sent the PAX off oldest to youngest in a staggered manner. Really wanted the PAX to push to beat the man in front of them.

MOSEY back to the coupons, 20 FLYS, 10 arm turn overs, 20 curls.

MOSEY to the skate park hill. JACOBS Ladder up to 7. Burpees with 5 Mount Climbers as the exercise. BTB doubted the PAX yet we got er done!

MOSEY back to the Flag.


Great work PAX, YHC’s arms already hurt while typing up this backblast! Prayers to the 2 Caterico friends that passed away last week. Props to Busted Grill and the PAX for representing at the Sashquash.

Thursday is the advisory meeting – go lead and take on a new role in F3 Cape Fear.

encouraging words for the day:

  • LETC – way to take us out and be our Nantan.
  • Its TOONER not tuner + said in a Wallace accent.
  • BTB – stop being slow. Geez.
  • Etch – I heard you are a bachelor this week….See you Thursday for a special appearance!
  • Trump – you were quiet today, who did you fire yesterday? Must have let go Ugly Stik and Venus since they weren’t here today.
  • All About that Bass – I think you got it all figured out brother. Keep doing what you are doing.
  • Trickle Down – you know I wasn’t going to make it easy on you! Not to worry, you looked strong brother.
  • Ball Bearing – you are starting to look like the Hulk.
  • Flounder – Sorry you actually have to work today :). Better make sure the BR team can accommodate that schedule.
  • Intern – When did you turn 3? Glad to have you out. Keep it coming!
  • Rest of PAX – Way to be keep the Monster Factory live up to its name


The RATT Out

Photo Cred: Trump











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