Prime Numbers are the Best!!

QIC: Donut

Pax: Hooch, Tombstone, 8-Penny, Trolly Stop, Udder Butter (Granite Falls AO)


Six pax converged on a very pleasant Wednesday morning to become better and stronger #HIM. YHC promised a prime number centered workout and did my best to deliver.  Let’s get started….


SSH x23

Imperial Walker x19

Hillbillies x19


The Thang: Mosey to the soccer field (football pitch) for some prime number fun.  But first, let’s do some non-prime stuff.


4-Corners: Around the perimeter of the field we go..

Corner 1: 4 ct box cutters

Corner 2: 4 ct flutter kicks

Corner 3: 4 ct hello dollys

Corner 4: 4 ct Freddie Mercurys

Let’s do this 3x and plank it out.


11’s: from baseline to baseline we go…

8 count body builders on the far side followed by Makthar Djies (or however you spell it) on the near side. High knees too and Butt kickers fro…..


Finale: We still have time left, so Bhatthan Death Marches around the field x2 (mosey in a column, last man drops out and completes 5 merkins then runs to the front, etc. so forth).


Mary: only time for American Hammer x19


Moleskin: Welcome Udder Butter from Granite Falls (keep his dad in your prayers), we are glad you are here.  Hooch strong work as usual (keep his dad in your prayers as well).  We are always chasing 8-Penny.  Looking forward to wrecking your home this weekend, BTW.  Trolly Stop arrived slightly late, but made up for it.  Tombstone missed band practice last night, but managed to get up for this.  Thanks bro.  No times for pictures today, we were busy hydrating the soccer fields with our sweat.


COT: Prayers for Udder Budder’s father, Hooch’s dad, educators, health care providers, those that seek the truth, and those that put themselves before us.



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