Morning Call

Date: 2 August 2017

QIC: Minecraft

#Pax: Busted Grill, Morpheus, Niles, Last, Gravity, Mr. Kotter, Parrot Head, Gobo, Dark Helmet (Charlotte), O-Tannenbaum (Charlotte), Kungfu Panda, Hahvahd, and Bath Salts

Warm-o-rama:  side straddle hops x 25 IC, cotton pickers x 20 IC and imperial walker x 20 IC.  Mosey to pull-up bars.

Thang – Morning Call – Pax lines up facing pull-up bars in plank position.  One pax does 5 pull-ups and calls out the count.  The rest of the Pax does one merkin for each pull-up.  Next Pax in line does 5 pull-ups and the rest of the Pax does one merkin per pull-up.  Rinse and repeat until all Pax has done 5 pull-ups.  Recover and mosey to wall by pond.

Stairway to Seven – starting at wall each Pax does one wall hop and then runs up stairs and does one squat.  Run back to wall and repeat adding one rep until your get to seven reps.  Recover and run to intersection of main entrance to park.

Burpee Dan – starting at intersection complete 4 lunge walks and then perform one burpee.  Repeat until pax reaches next speed bump.  Starting at speed bump complete 4 lunge walks and then perform 2 burpees.  Repeat until Pax reaches 3rd street light.  Starting at 3rd street light complete 4 lunge walks and perform 3 burpees.  Repeat until Pax reaches next speed bump.  Recover and mosey to AO.

Mary:  American hammers, pickle pumpers, LBCs and stretch.

Announcements – F2 Hump Day happy Hour will be at Wreck-it_Ralph’s on 9 August.  Also, Niles and Last will be hosting a mixology session at Niles’ home for Hump Day happy Hour on 16 August.  Niles and last will be mixing margaritas.  Bring your own beer if you want to drink beer.

Thursday, 3 August is the F3 Cape Fear’s monthly leadership meeting.  Niles will be retiring as the 3rd F Q and encouraged everyone to consider taking on the role of the 3rd F Q.

Prayers – Healing for Sloppy Joe’s grandmother who recently had a stroke.  Prayer of thanks for F3 and the ability to workout this morning.  Prayers for protection of the men and women in the military and those who serve our community.

Dark Helmet and O-Tannenbaum – glad you found our AO this morning.




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