Turbo 2’sday



QIC:  Flounder

Pax: BTB, Gilligan, Mr. Kotter, Milli-Vanilli, Fonda, Zuckerberg, Venus

Warm-up: SSH’s x 25, Mountain Climbers x 25, Merkins x 15

The Thang: Finally, a nice cool morning for 8 Pax (including Q) to stretch our legs a bit and run.  Pretty simple workout today.  From the AO to the South end of Wrightsville plus a small loop at the end of the island is 2 miles.  Today was a day for personal achievements.  Our goal was to push ourselves and each other to improve and beat our typical 2 mile (or 1 mile) pace.  Once we reached the South End, we waited on the 6.

15 Merkins, 2 minute Plank

Take a quick breather, then run back 2 miles on the beach with the wind in our face and soft sand.  Again…pushing harder than a normal, comfortable pace.  Wait for the 6.

15 Merkins, 25 Squats

Indian Run back to the flag.

COT: Prayers today for the passing of Ella Vickers who many know from living in Wilmington.  She grew up in Morehead City, my hometown.  She was a dear friend and happened to be a high school sweetheart of mine.  A beautiful soul and guys, I will miss her.  Prayers also for another high school buddy, Jeff Cobbs who also passed last week.  We prayed his family to find peace and understanding.  Also, prayers to Mr. Kotter and his family.  His Aunt recently passed at 91.    Lastly, prayers for BTB’s grandmother who just turned 95 years young.  We prayed she has many more years of good health.

Moleskin:  We had fun today.  It was a great day for a run.  I had my personal best two mile run at 7:08 per mile.  I have run a sub 7 mile before but to be able to put that together for the first two is testament to the power of F3.  Bring it on BRR!

Several of us joined for some coffee at the Workshop.  I have never been there.  Impressed with the coffee and the overall scenery,

BTB:  I just could not hold the 6:30 pace you were on.  I had you for the first 10 yards.  Manimal!  I don’t even know what kind of crazy pace you ran on the beach but I lost sight of you for a little while!

Mr. Kotter:  Loved seeing the 2.0, Milli-Vanillie this morning.  He is a great kid…polite, well-mannered and conversational.  You should be proud of yourself although I am pretty confident he takes after his mother.

Venus:  Great run this morning.  I can’t imagine going from F3 straight to a tennis lesson. Dedication, brother!

Fonda:  Loved seeing you give it all during the Indian run.  Keep on coming and we will be trying to catch you.

Gilligan:  Pimpin’ hard!

Zuckerberg:  Fun to run with you this morning.  I owe my pace time to you!  I appreciate the push.

Flounder out.






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