QIC: Ugly Stik and The Ratt aka UglyRatt
Date: 7-28-17
# of PAX: 22
PAX: Dino, Ball Bearing, Seahorse, Tiny Dancer, The Adjuster, Trump, Bath Salts, 8-Penny, Downhill, Niles, Quarter Round, Double Check, Gravity, Bam Bam, Busted Grill, Hahvahd, Last, Gobo, Taco Stand, LETC
Warm Up:
SSH x 50 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 50 IC
Count off by 1’s and 2’s: Team 1s with Ratt, Team 2s with Ugly Stik

This will be an interval race between team 1 and 2 starting at opposite ends of the park. A litteral RATT Race! 

1. Jacob’s Ladder on the hill next to the tennis courts. Ascending burpees at the top from 1 to 7.

2. Race sprints around the tennis courts while holding Al Gore

3. 25 Pull-ups and 50 Dips OYO

4. Bear Crawl Across the Bridge

5. At the Pond DORA 1-2-3. 100 Merkins. 200 Squats. 300 LBCs. 

 Team 2: Aka Team Ugly Stik would finish roughly 7 minutes ahead of Team 2 aka Team Ratt with plenty of time for all sorts of Mary. 

Ratt took us out with Tempo Merkins to attempt to kill all the mumble chatter. It kind of worked. 

T-Claps to all the PAX who completed the Sasquatch! 

Advisory Council Meeting this Thursday 1830 at Wrightsville Beach Brewery – any and all welcome!

Gravity needs Q’s to step up for Heavy Metal Monday!

Prayers for PAX, Community and F3 Nation! 

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

UglyRatt, Out!


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