Heavy Metal Monday – Lower Body Beatdown – Tabata Style

Date: July 31, 2017
QIC: Gravity
PAX: Barretta, Dixie Chick & Morpheus
Background Music: Bob Marley & the Wailers: Legend
No warm up – get right into it.
Tabata Timing: 8 sets at 25 seconds with 10 seconds of rest.

Station 1: Salt Bag Carry: Carry 2, 40# bags to the light pole and back
Station 2: Lunge with a Med Ball Twist – hold the twist for a 2 count
Station 3: Weighted Calf Raises on the parking block.
Station 4: Heavy Hike KB Swings – ask Gravity for a demo of this exciting activity.
Station 5: Dead Lift to Row – Compound movement with 2, 35# KBs. Dead Lift, on the way down, stop and complete a row.
Station 6: Lateral Goblet Squats
Station 7: Holding two 10# dumbbells, do squat jacks until your legs feel like spaghetti.

Mary: 25 Heels to Heaven IC, 25 LBCs IC & 25 Flutter Kicks IC – hold 6 inches for a Barretta 10 count.

COT: Prayers for Sloppy_Joe’s grandmother and family. Prayers for our Military and first responders, we know many are called, but only the bravest of the brave answer that call. Prayers for the kids trying out for their fall season team sports – school gets going again soon and these kids and families are sacrificing a lot to be a part of a team.
Skins: Thanks for letting me lead. Barretta – great to see you again and glad you are back in the gloom. Thanks for showing us up by rucking to the workout and rucking back home. You are a total beast. Dixie Chick – solid work man, you are ready to lead – let me know and I’ll co-Q with you. Morpheus, as always you are a rock.

It was an honor, your humble servant: Gravity.



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