AO: Baysquatch

QIC: Heisenberg

Pax: Morpheus, Blade, FNGs Mapquest, Gecko, and Granola, Tenenbaum, Last, Blue Steel, Seahorse, The Adjuster, Tiny Tank (Gas-house), Pasqualie (Morehead City). who am I forgetting?


Warm-Up: Blast Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood from the sweet swagger wagon while completing some SSH, IW, and Skiers.  Burpee every time Vince Neil belts out “Feelgood”.    Move over to the basketball court for Windmills while the last of the pax joins us.

Mosey to Pelican Drive for Running Down a DREAM which consists of Diamond Merkins x 5, Rican nightclubs x 10, E2K oblique twists x 10 each side, American Hammers x 10 and Mountain Climbers x 10 at each telephone pole

Indian Run to beach for Surfees and 1 minute Balls to the Pier.

Indian run back to parking lot.


Prayers for pax and our leadership and for being #HIM.


Attendance a little light today with 7 pax at Sasquatch and lightning in the area earlier.


Blade still getting stronger every week.  Keep it up.  That’s what she said.

Blue Steel – love the awesome attitude!

Last got in some extra credit ruck before the workout.

Sloppy Joe and Epo got in 10 miles and joined us for BOM.

Johnny Gage got in an early run but had to leave.

Strong work by our out of town guests, Tiny Tank and Pasqualie.

Morpheus ran with his interns (a semi-pro ultimate Frisbee player and a wedding singer).  Nice work bringing them out.

Seahorse confirmed he has a torn meniscus but pressed on with true grit.

Three FNGs performed well.  Granola down from Rocky Point may be a Ogden Park recruit.  Gecko is visiting from Charlotte.  MapQuest was actually at the beach to run with a different group but joined us accidentally instead.

Thanks for joining me today pax!

Heisenberg out!


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