Flounder Pounder

Q Daddy: Flounder

Pax: Heisenburg, Ugly Stick, Morpheus, Johnny Gage, Coonbait, Last, Patch Adams Hoveround, Mr. Cotter, Double Check, Niles

As tradition goes with F3 (at least F3 Cape Fear), I had to make sure I was present for my birthday Q this morning (48).  This was in fact the first time I have made a have been to the Battleship Q as the location is on the opposite side of town from where I live.   So, I woke up a little earlier than usual and made the downtown haul.

So glad I did (even though Hoff got Hoffed to accommodate)!

Warm Up: SSH’s – 48, Cotton Pickers – 24, Mountain Climbers – 24

The Thang:  We started the morning off with some sprints from one block to the next.  Catch a quick breath then 3 exercises with 16 reps each.  For those of you who did not get it in the gloom, that adds up to 48.  First exercise was focused on upper body, the second was focused on core and the third was focused on legs (call them 16’s).  For example, Merkins – 16, LBC’s – 16, Copperhead Squats – 16.  We ran then repeated this 4 or 5 times with similar exercises; Wide Arm Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Burpees, WWII sit-ups, Heels to Heaven, low plank, high plank, Squats, more Squats, Mountain Climbers, Bobby Hurley’s, Flutterkicks and more!  You get it.

Indian Run to Heartbreak Hill with a pit stop in front of PPD for some 16’s.

Heartbreak Hill was temporarily renamed Suicide Hill this morning as we ran suicides up the hill then more 16’s at the bottom.  4 sets of these and phew…time to mozy back to AO.

COT: A shout out to Ugly Stick from Mr. Kotter for making sure no man was left behind this morning. Niles led us in prayer and served up another great one reminding us how thankful we should be for the many God-given blessings we have received.

Moleskin:  I absolutely could not imagine a better way than to start my 48th birthday morning than sweating it out in the gloom with my F3 Brothers! You guys make me a better man and I thank you for that!  If your b-day passes and you do not Q it, you are missing something special. Make sure you don’t miss that opportunity.

Ugly Stick – thanks for your help with the 6 today.  Your leadership is always present

Mr. Kotter – Dude, do you have any fat on that frame of yours?

Heisenburg – pleasure seeing you albeit short…thanks for hanging for the warm-up

Morpheus – I always get a better workout with you present.  Always a challenge to keep up with you

Last – perfect style on the sit-ups.  Why don’t you like burpees?

Gage – you are getting faster.  A comment was made from one of the PAX that they liked you better when you could not run so well.  Keep it up!

Coonbait – T-claps to you today, sir!  Old injury resurfacing and all, you gave it 110%.  MVP in my book!

Patch Adams – It was a pleasure meeting you this morning.  Join us at Stingray sometime.

Hoverround – always bringing a sense of humor to the gloom.  Great to see you.

Double Check – you redefined low plank today.

Niles – thanks for taking us out.  You are full of spirituality.

Flounder out.







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