Why Ride When You Can Crawl

DATE:  July 26, 2017


PAX:  Busted Grill, Minecraft, Gravity, Tiny Dancer, Parrothead, Haavard, Niles, Quarter Round, Sea Horse, Blue Steel, KungFu Panda


QIC:  Mr. Kotter



SSH x10 IC  ,  Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Mosey out of parking lot, around to speed bump…sprint to next speed bump

Mosey to playground for new challenge…the Sky Run Overhand Crawl.   Jump up to grab the center rail of the Sky Run Ride and advance to the far end via an overhand crawl (Modification= 20 Inverted Rows).  Follow that with Wooley Worms x25 on the swings.  Rinse and repeat both.

Mosey to tennis courts for a round of 11’s with Crunchy Frogs and Burpees.  Peoples Chair and Flutter Kicks x50 IC while waiting for pax to complete 11’s.

Mosey along bike path to pull-up bars for a quick set of rep increases…starting on dip bars on both sides, reps increase as pax advances along pull-up bars to dip bars in the center:

  • 1 dip,  move to next bar
  • 2 pull-ups,  move to next bar
  • 3 pull-ups,  move to next bar
  • 4 pull-ups,  move to next bar
  • 5 dips
  • 25 Squats OYO

Indian Run back to parking lot for a little Mary….25 American Hammers  IC



Sasquatch in Greenville this Saturday.  $15.  Contact LETC or Hoff if interested in going.

Haavard will lead Jimbos and Jesus this Friday.  Gravity has shared an article on Slack concerning the importance of fathers as leaders in their families.  Look for this discussion next week at Jimbos and Jesus.

Prayers of thanksgiving for our health and fellowship.  Prayers for protection of our brave defenders of freedom and first responders.

Prayers of encouragement for Haavard with his continued job search.


Thanks to the HMP Pax today!!  Thanks for giving the Sky Run Challenge a chance and not disregarding it right away.  I had fun today.  I hope you feel you got your money’s worth!!


-Mr. Kotter





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