Popsicle Stop

Date:  July 21, 2017

QIC(s):  BobnHoff

Pax:   Sir Mix, Kotter, Lee Andrew, Kung Fu Panda, Fire Marshall Bill, Ugly Stick, EPO, Sea Horse, Last, Trickle Down, Heisenberg, Double Check, Gravity, Shank, Blue Steel Trump, Niles, The Adjuster, Flounder, EBITDA, Jonny Cochran, Busted Grill, Venus, LETC, Gobo, Kramer, 8-Penny, Tom Sawyer, Ball Bearing, Parrot Head, Dino

The Thang:

Warm-up with Bob; Short mosey and get on line facing field near tennis courts, and low crawl down hill to picket fence, and bear crawl back up X2 amid smoke bombs. Assemble men in two equal columns. Instruct Pax they will be carrying Yeti cooler full of popsicles and a cargo carrier. At different points along the park foot path, Pax will halt, secure the cooler and carrier, and a Pax will be chosen to secure a popsicle from cooler and call a prescribed exercise coordinated with said popsicle.

Prescribed exercise takes as long as it takes for Pax to eat  popsicle. Once popsicle has been completely ingested, cooler/carrier are secured and Pax moseys to next “Popsicle Stop.” Rinse and repeat. Prescribed exercises were: spider merkins, copperhead squats, pull-ups, one-legged burpees and wall jumps.

Release men back to AO by lining them up in a column and giving each a sparkler. Light sparklers. Instructions are to beat your sparkler back to the AO before it burns out. GO!


Prayers for sick and infirm
Prayers for military, fire, EMS


I’ve never seen so many guys lick so fast in my life – HA!!!!!


More Bob, less Hoff
Give men not carrying load a coupon (rock, etc.)
Smoke men more thoroughly before securing cooler and carrier

Always pleased to lead, and even more pleased to be followed



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