Run & Repeat

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Hooch, SirMix, Downhill, Stryker, TrolleyStop, EPO, BustedGrill


SSH x39 IC
Burpees x10 OYO


Mosey to speed hump way
3/4-speed run to 2nd hump (100yds +/-)

Sprint/exercise repeats, race to 1st hump and back, perform exercise OYO then repeat, completing the following:
– Burpees x7
– Mike Tysons x24
– Bobby Hurly’s x 24
– SparkyCrabs x39
– Carolina Dry Docks x24
– Angry Donkeys x24
– Rope Pulls x39

Mosey to pull-up bars

Triple Repeat of the following:
– Pull-ups x7
– Merkins x24
– LBCs x39

Mosey to Pavilion

– Balls-to-the-wall hold for 1min
– Flutter Kicks x39

Mosey back to flag


  • Shout-out to Stryker and Downhill for representing Generation Z and hanging tough
  • Solid performance by BustedGrill especially on recovery 10 counts
  • Strong work EPO and SirMix returning to the gloom on the heals of back injuries.  Glad to have you guys back!
  • Sasquatch…just do it!

Prayers for Hooch’s dad as he prepares for knee replacement surgery this Wednesday

It was a pleasure to lead…

8penny out!




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