Heavy Metal Monday – Explicit Lyrics Excluded

Date: July 24, 2017

QIC: Gravity

PAX: LETC, Seahorse, Hahvahd, & Minecraft

No warm up – just get right into it:

Disclaimer: the standard but this time includes a warning that the background music has explicit lyrics – halfway through the second song we switched from Kid Rock to the Black Keys.

The Thang:

7 – 5 minute stations with 2 exercises each: 2.5 minutes for each exercise

Station 1: (a) 1 leg burpees OYO – modify as needed and (b) Dirkins

Station 2: (a) Dead Lift with 2 – 35# KBs with double shoulder roll at the top and (b) Single Leg Glute Bridge raises.

Station 3: (a) Boxing Chair – peoples chair while shadow boxing with window weights (keep your hands up), and (b) Butterflies with 10# weights

Station 4: (a) Soccer Ball V-Ups with a soccer ball between your feet and a 25# KB in your hands, and (b) Spiderman Plank.

Station 5: (a) Lunge Curls (w/ 15# KBs or 25# KBs option) and (b) Triceps Extensions

Station 6: (a) WW2 Sit-ups with a 12# med ball and (b) Heals to Heaven

Station 7: (a) ISO Alternating Squat Shoulder Press with a 20# KB and (b) Goblet Squats with a 45# KB.

COT: Thankful for the blessings of seeing the positive media on Hahvahd’s 2.0. Continue to pray for Hahvahd’s job search and perhaps the members of F3 Cape Fear will use their resources to help him find work.

Still looking for more Cape Fear PAX to participate in Sasquatch.

Thanks and prayers for our first responders and military.

Skins: Thanks for letting me lead – the workouts always look good on paper – then the pain and suffering sets in. I’ll go more Tabata in the future – shorter bursts, more rest, and better music – stick to heavy metal – you can’t make out the cursing from the screaming and agony. #F3Rocks

Respectfully submitted: Gravity



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