Triple Nickel in the Sand and Surf

32 Pax came from far and wide (Charlotte, Gastonia, Cary, Apex, Raleigh) to push themselves at the beach.

PAX: Sir Mix Alot, Seahorse, Last, Ash Pond, Blart, Kmart, Busted Grill, 8 Penny, GOBO, Tank, Frogger(Metro), Trickle Down, Shank (Cary), Ratt, Swamp Thing, Over Draft, LIFO, The Adjuster, Parrothead, Blue Crush(Raleigh), Dixie Chick, LETC, EPO, Chris Myers FNG (Bam Bam), Tannenbaum, Blade, Niles, Dino,  Austin Banker FNG (Goodman), Weston Southerland(Abacus), Double Check


30 Seal Claps. Run to Harbor Island Park. Plank, Mtn Climber, Squats, Makhtar N Jye.

Partner Up. Run to round about. Each partner sprints in opposite directions around the block and back to round about for partner exercises: First: partner derkins. Lap. Second: partner leg throw downs. Lap. Third: partner hand clap merkins. Lap. Diamond merkins, Flutter, Dolly while we wait for the 6.

Race against partner to speed bump, then mosey to intersection. Run to beach. Plank.

Triple Nickel: Start with 5 Surfees (burpees in the surf), run up to the dunes for 5 Bobby Hurleys. Repeat 5 times.

Dolly and Crunchy Frogs in the surf.

Run back to soccer field for several sprints.



-The F3 Cape Fear Pax love Summer because we get visitors from across the Nation. Please come back and see us, Blart, Kmart, Ash Pond, Frogger, Shank. Apologies if I missed some names here.

-Strong work by everyone.

-Lots of folks out before the workout getting some miles in. T Claps.

-Despite EPO wearing his moon boots during the workout, he still crushed it.

-Double Check’s mouth got a bigger workout than the rest of his body.

-No Hoff today.

-The Millennials (BTB, Cracker, Trump, etc) were dabbing in the local clubs last night and forgot to set their alarm clocks. Hope this doesn’t become a habit.

-8 Penny always take the beating with a smile on his face. You can’t crush this man’s spirit no matter how hard we try.

-Busted Grill is 70. Can’t believe what this guy can do. His tongue is as sharp as his mind and body. Inspiring.


-Consider attending Sasquatch in Greenville next weekend.

-Some of the upcoming Baywatch workouts will be relocating to Hugh McRae Park due to other events taking place at the beach. Stay tuned to Slack.

-Safe travels to the visitors

-Make sure you have Brolympics on your calendars. October 7th.


Til next time,




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